14:04 (GMT +7) - Sunday 24/06/2018

Vietnam golden dragon awards & Vietnam Excellent Brand Awards

FECON's journey of success

16:39 | 17/5/2018

FECON JSC grows from small concern with staff of 15 in 2004 to major player in infrastructure construction.

Taking Vietnamese shrimp to the world

18:04 | 21/6/2018

Founded in 2001, after some 17 years in Vietnam’s aquaculture sector Viet Uc is the now leading shrimp seed agency in the country...

Kosy: 10-year journey of success

18:01 | 16/5/2018

Kosy Group now a major player in real estate after starting out in 2008.

Sacombank making life easier for foreign customers

12:27 | 16/5/2018

Bank beefing up products and services for foreign customer segment.

TMS Grand City has distinct Japanese-style architecture

20:04 | 14/5/2018

The real estate project aims to attract buyers with many Japanese features.

Bidrico Beverages - Exclusive Drinks for APEC 2017: Milestones of 25 Years Serving Customers

20:59 | 10/5/2018

The beverage company has won numerous awards for its high standards and high quality products.

How to become a pioneer in the market of aluminum plastic panels

19:35 | 8/5/2018

Viet Dung Aluminum is considered to be a prestigious brand and has won numerous awards.

Applying advanced technology into real estate, Sunshine Group is "owning the game"

18:16 | 8/5/2018

Their forward thinking leader has made Sunshine Group a dominant leader in the real estate sector.

Vietnam's first reinsurance company ranks high

15:33 | 4/5/2018

VINARE is improving its reputation in Vietnam's reinsurance market.

VNI expects to reach revenue $43.9 million in 2018

10:31 | 4/5/2018

The company is expected to reach big goals this year.

BIC awarded Vietnam Excellent Brand for the 8th time

14:44 | 3/5/2018

Local insurance company named as an excellent brand for 8 consecutive years.

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  • Forging ahead
    Forging ahead

    Most foreign investors have benefitted from Vietnam’s investment environment...

  • Where it’s needed
    Where it’s needed

    Vietnam has constantly struggled to attract FDI to its agriculture sector...

  • Change for the better
    Change for the better

    VET sought the views of chambers of commerce in Vietnam regarding FDI.


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