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Startups a "promised land" for new graduates

Released at: 07:53, 18/11/2017

Startups a "promised land" for new graduates

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Latest Navigos survey finds healthy recruitment demand among startups in Vietnam.

by Hai Van

Startups are a “promised land” for new graduates as they will present many employment opportunities in the near future, according to the latest report from the Navigos Group.

Its latest survey reveals considerable employment opportunities at startups in the near future. Fifty-four per cent of startups will have demand for recruitment in the next three months, 17 per cent within the next three to six months, and 11 per cent within the next six to 12 months. Some said they always have demand for recruitment.

Work experience is not a prerequisite. Thirty-five per cent of startups said they only need fresh graduates while 12 per cent said they don’t pay attention to candidates’ previous work experience.

Limited salary budget is the biggest challenge in recruitment for Vietnamese startups, as answered by 49 per cent of those surveyed. A tight salary budget prevents them from attracting suitable candidates. Most candidates, meanwhile, focus on salary and bonuses rather than the learning and development opportunities at startups.

Eighteen per cent of startups face difficulties in terms of experience and processes in recruiting, training, evaluating, and developing employees and 17 per cent think candidates don’t have long-term commitment, lack enthusiasm, don’t meet professional requirements, and don’t have the right culture to work at a startup.

From the survey, Navigos recognized that Vietnamese startups haven’t really focused on their human resources department. Sixty-four per cent of those surveyed don’t have human resources staff, with their founders taking on the task. Only 15 per cent believe they need human resources staff.

Regarding recruitment channels, although Vietnamese startups mostly use less costly channels such as introductions from acquaintances and Facebook or LinkedIn, the survey revealed that 38 per cent use online recruitment websites and 11 per cent use headhunting services.

This demonstrates that they have begun to pay attention to professional recruitment services.

The Navigos Group, one of leaders in Vietnam’s recruitment industry, is comprised of www.vietnamworks.com, an online recruitment portal, and Navigos Search, an executive search firm.

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