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Recruitment problematic for South Korean & Chinese companies

Released at: 10:26, 17/07/2017

Recruitment problematic for South Korean & Chinese companies

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Latest Navigos Search report reveals South Korean and Chinese companies continue to struggle to find qualified employees, with language skills being a common issue.

by Hai Van

South Korean and Chinese companies in Vietnam struggle to find highly-skilled Vietnamese employees, according to the latest report from Navigos Search.

South Korean business saw positive signs in recruitment for middle and senior manager level positions in the second quarter compared to the first quarter but only limited numbers of candidates meet their requirements.

Those in the north of the country find it particularly difficult to identify candidates that can act as Korean-language translators, with many recruiting candidates from the south instead.

Candidates skilled in the Korean language and with post-graduate degrees are much sought after. Such candidates are also offered better salaries and benefits, and their skills allow for employment in research & development (R&D) activities.

Chinese enterprises in Vietnam face similar difficulties, in particular identifying candidates fluent in both Chinese and English to work in technical positions.

Many Chinese-owned companies and Chinese joint ventures are involved in manufacturing, especially textiles and footwear, and have found that skilled employees are hard to come by.

Most manufacturing plants are of small scale in their first year, employing from 100 to 200 workers. They plan for large-scale development from the second year, however, increasing to 400 or 500 workers based on demand in their export markets.

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