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PM chairs cabinet meeting on Resolution No. 01

Released at: 10:58, 02/12/2019

PM chairs cabinet meeting on Resolution No. 01

PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc (C) at the cabinet meeting (Photo: VNA)

Cabinet meeting discusses socioeconomic development plan for 2020 as well as draft Resolution No. 01.

by Minh Do

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired a cabinet meeting with a number of ministries and branches on the main tasks and solutions to implement the socio-economic development plan and State budget estimates for 2020 (draft Resolution No. 01) on November 29 in Hanoi.

Participants commented on a number of main contents in the draft Resolution, which is usually issued at the beginning of each year as a “guideline” for annual activities, including the motto of action and the key points.

In the spirit of innovation of the Prime Minister, from 2018 to now, Resolution No. 01 has become more concise, condensed, and focused, with a two-part structure: the contents are the most important tasks, while the attached appendix has targets and tasks assigned to ministries and branches to monitor, review and evaluate implementation.

The 2018 Resolution had a specific task list consisting of 242 tasks, while in 2019 there were 186.

Taking note of the conclusions and concluding remarks, Prime Minister Phuc assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment to assume the prime responsibility and coordinate with the Office of the Government and concerned ministries and branches in finalizing the necessary issues of the draft Resolution 2020, ensuring high quality and then submitting it to the government at the upcoming regular meeting.

The Prime Minister emphasized that it is necessary to identify major challenges, in which many industries and fields are very difficult and relevant ministries and branches measure everything to adopt solutions, such as electronics, cars, motorbikes, and agricultural products for export.

“Vietnam still has a lot of potential and room for growth,” the Prime Minister emphasized. “The point is that ministries and sectors continue to clearly identify where the potential is and where the geographical balance is available. Solutions should be clearer, have strong sanctions, and clearly define responsibilities.”

He said there must be a breakthrough made in applying Industry 4.0 in 2020, in e-government, the digital economy, the sharing economy, smart finance, e-commerce, and creative startups. This is a key factor in restructuring the economy.

“We also not only focus on the economy but also on culture, society, poverty reduction, job creation, and social security,” he went on. “There must be specific solutions to take care of the material and spiritual lives of the people, especially ethnic minority people and remote, border, and island and disaster-hit areas. Pressing issues affecting the lives of the people must be promptly resolved, including preparing the best action plans possible to implement the Master Plan for socio-economic development of ethnic minority areas and mountainous areas during 2021-2030, which has just been approved by the National Assembly.”

The Prime Minister also emphasized resolving air and water pollution and liberating land resources.

As Chairman of ASEAN and a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, foreign affairs in 2020 will raise Vietnam’s profile in the international arena. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is therefore responsible for proposing solutions to fulfill these roles.

Referring to improving the business environment and bolstering national competitiveness, the Prime Minister said it is necessary to strive towards increasing both, with a spirit of expanding production and freeing the people’s power and transparency. “Next year, we have to renew more strongly,” he concluded.

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