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PM attends MoIC review conference

Released at: 14:05, 30/12/2019

PM attends MoIC review conference

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Conference reviews ministry's efforts in 2019 and plans for 2020.

by Minh Do

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc attended a summary conference on activities in 2019 and implementing the 2020 mission of the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC) on December 28.

The Prime Minister said that, in 2019, MoIC overcame many difficulties and challenges and posted important results. Telecommunications increased nearly 19 per cent and the information technology (IT) industry increased 10 per cent.

In addition, the deployment of 5G network testing, with a plan to turn off 2G waves, create favorable conditions for businesses to research and produce 5G equipment in Vietnam.

The ministry has launched a major program on “Make in Vietnam” and digital transformation, which has been submitted for signing and implementation. The Prime Minister highly appreciated that MoIC was assigned to be the standing agency in building e-government and had completed a number of tasks such as launching a training program for 100 e-government experts.

He also frankly pointed out a number of shortcomings: The telecommunications network is slowly converting to digital infrastructure and the percentage of mobile data users is not high. Network security issues still face many shortcomings. In the field of journalism, the activities of a number of newspapers have not been in line with established principles and purposes.

The introduction of negative information has affected society and not inspired the building of the country, while malicious and harmful information has made people and society lack confidence. Such matters must be overcome.

The Prime Minister said MoIC needs to direct businesses in the digital infrastructure investment industry to be one step ahead of digital transformation and to take the lead in digital transformation tools.

In 2020, Vietnam will host the world’s largest digital exhibition and the world’s largest digital event, organized by the World Telecommunication Union of the United Nations with over 100 countries and territories participating. The Prime Minister asked MoIC to organize this event well.

In the field of post and delivery, it is necessary to build an extensive transfer network to each household, creating a basis for the development of e-commerce.

With telecommunications, the commercialization of 5G with Vietnamese equipment has initially been successful, and this is a victory that needs to be widely popularized. The Prime Minister agreed with recommendations from MoIC on turning off 2G waves to quickly transfer telecommunications infrastructure to new technologies, so that 100 per cent of Vietnamese people use smartphones, and to supplement 4G frequencies to improve quality while resolutely handling spam sims and spam messages.

“MoIC must play a unified and coordinating role in developing e-government while promoting the initiatives of ministries, branches, and localities,” the Prime Minister said. “All e-government IT systems must have a network security monitoring center. From the beginning of next year, MoIC must develop an e-government strategy.”

The smart city model is now flourishing, and MoIC must summarize the IT component of smart urban programs, especially executive monitoring centers, in which there are instructions for implementation.

2020 will be a year of transformation for a number of countries and territories and the Prime Minister has decided to promulgate a scheme in which ministries, branches, and cities and provinces shall issue digital transformation programs. The ministry must take the lead in digital transformation in the fields of post, telecommunications, media, and communications.

Regarding network safety and security, the Prime Minister emphasized that this is a prerequisite of e-government and digital transformation. Protecting safety and security is protecting Vietnam’s prosperity in cyberspace.

The National Center for Information Technology and Cyber Security Monitoring must continue to invest to be capable of supervising, analyzing, and forecasting the situation in cyberspace, promptly preventing malicious information and protecting a healthy, positive cyber space.

“Make in Vietnam” is a significant move, which declares a shift from processing and assembly to making Vietnamese products, mastering technology, and creating technology. IT and media businesses must be at the forefront of the “Make in Vietnam” strategy.

The MoIC needs to put into operation the Center for Policy Research 4.0 that the Minister has signed with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

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