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New Deputy General Director for Viettel

Released at: 15:17, 28/11/2018

New Deputy General Director for Viettel

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Nam, Deputy Director of Viettel Group (Photo: Viettel Group)

Colonel Nguyen Thanh Nam appointed to position.

by Ngoc Lan

The Ministry of Defense has appointed Colonel Nguyen Thanh Nam as Deputy General Director of the Viettel Group.

After being appointed to the board of directors, Colonel Nam was then assigned to take charge of human resources, training, corporate clients, and cyber security at Viettel.

Viettel’s executive board now consists of five members, including a Chairman and General Director and four Deputy General Directors.

Colonel Nam joined Viettel in 2004 as one of Viettel’s first generation of telecommunications network technicians, directly involved in the construction of the first military fiber optic backbone (backbone 1A).

He has held positions such as Director of the Viettel Transmission Company, Group Planning Manager, and General Director of Viettel Networks Corporation.

Prior to securing the position of Deputy General Director, Colonel Nam was Deputy General Director of the Viettel Global Investment Joint Stock Company and General Director of Viettel Myanmar (Mytel).

He made a major impression at Mytel, as it reached 3 million subscribers after only three months in business; among the faster growth ever recorded in the telecommunications industry around the world.

Viettel Group has changed its senior staff in three units. Major Cao Viet Son, Director of Star Telecom (a Viettel joint venture in Laos) was assigned as General Director of Viettel Telecom, Second Lieutenant Colonel Dao Xuan Vu, Deputy General Director of Viettel Network, was assigned as Acting General Director of the unit, and Captain Hoang Van Ngoc, former General Director of Natcom Company (Viettel’s brand in Haiti), now holds the position of Director of Viettel IDC.

Viettel is ranked among the top 15 largest telecommunication corporations in the world in terms of subscribers and the top 40 in terms of revenue.

It has invested in ten foreign markets with a total population of 240 million in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

It aims to expand its markets to a population of 400 to 500 million and join the world’s top 10 largest telecoms firms by 2020.

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