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MoA between ICAEW & Malaysian partners to support Vietnamese scholars

Released at: 17:09, 04/01/2018

MoA between ICAEW & Malaysian partners to support Vietnamese scholars

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Support to be offered to Vietnamese scholars desiring to pursue ICAEW Chartered Accountant qualifications.

by Quang Huy

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales (ICAEW) recently signed a memorandum of agreement (MoA) in Malaysia to collaborate with Sunway TES and PwC Malaysia to support Vietnamese scholars desiring to pursue ICAEW Chartered Accountant (ICAEW ACA) qualifications.

The collaboration seeks to develop a pool of young and talented workers for Vietnam by offering the opportunity to study the ICAEW ACA program at the Sunway TES college. The program is open to selected Vietnamese students who have completed the ICAEW’s Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business (ICAEW CFAB) program and meet the criteria set.

The parties intend to provide support to targeted candidates with financial aid that includes waivers on tuition, registration, and examination fees for all modules of the ICAEW ACA Professional level.

Students will study full-time for one year at Sunway College Malaysia. After completing the Professional level and fulfilling all agreed requirements, they will officially be employed by PwC Malaysia and continue to be supported financially to complete the ICAEW Chartered Accountant Advance level to pursue the ICAEW Chartered Accountant qualification.

The three parties undertook to jointly select students, based on a set of common benchmarks and assessment standards. Successful candidates will have the chance to be trained and work in Malaysia for a few years before returning to Vietnam with secure employment at PwC Vietnam.

“The collaboration between ICAEW and the two prestigious and credible Malaysian partners will provide opportunities for ICAEW’s Vietnamese students to experience an international study and working environment,” Head of ICAEW Vietnam, Ms. Dang Thi Mai Trang, said. “We appreciate this collaboration because of the practical benefits to Vietnamese youngsters as well as to the general development of the profession.”

“Of our team members who were trained at Sunway TES, PwC Malaysia has produced over 100 ICAEW-qualified team members with seven world-prize winners,” Ms. Pauline Ho, People Partner for PwC Malaysia & PwC Vietnam, noted. “The learning environment and the dedicated examination team at PwC provide an ideal environment for them to excel. We are hopeful that one day we will see world prize winners from Vietnam.”

The ICAEW CFAB and ICAEW ACA programs, with in-depth knowledge in finance, accounting, and business as well as professional working skills, will help provide Vietnamese youngsters opportunities to further their career at world leading corporations. The MoA is also expected to contribute to the development of qualified and professional resources in finance, accounting, and auditing in Vietnam in the near future. 

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