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Media must push human rights issues

Released at: 15:32, 26/05/2016

Media must push human rights issues

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The media has a key role to play in promoting human rights in Vietnam, according to Minister of Information and Communications Truong Minh Tuan.

by Ha Nguyen

Local media should play a more cooperative and active role in reporting on the issue of human right in Vietnam, Minister of Information and Communications (MIC) Truong Minh Tuan told a conference in Hanoi on May 25 to mark the launch of a communications initiative on human rights.

Minister Tuan said provision on the timely, adequate and accurate information on the protection of human rights and related violations in the country via mass media would help boost people’s awareness and at the same time encourage their participation in promoting human rights, Vietnam News Agency reported.

Human rights were also a point of discussion between visiting US President Barack Obama and State President Tran Dai Quang some days ago. In their joint statement released after talks, both countries pledged to continue supporting the promotion and protection of human rights in conformity with their own constitutions and respective international commitments.

Vietnam informed the US of its plan to revise, amend, and draft laws, including the Law on Religion and Belief, the Law on Association, the Amended Law on Legal Aid, the Amended Law on Legal Record, and the Law on the Promulgation of Administrative Decisions, according to the joint statement.

At the joint press briefing after the talks, President Quang said that the consistent position and viewpoint of the Vietnamese State and government is to protect and promote human rights. This is clearly codified and stipulated in the Constitution of 2013. “We are now institutionalizing all regulations into our laws and documents to respect and promote human rights in Vietnam,” he told the media while on the podium with President Obama.

At the conference, Minister Tuan also urged authorities at all levels, particularly those in localities, to create favorable conditions for local people to ensure their human rights and to quickly report any violations to the media.

Vietnam has signed and ratified seven of the nine core UN human rights treaties, including the Convention on the Rights of the Child, of which it was the first in Asia and second in the world to sign, together with the two latest conventions on the rights of persons with disabilities and the prohibition of torture.

It is now a member of the Human Rights Council and has been contributing to protecting and advancing the value of human rights in a direct, responsible and constructive manner through its membership on the United Nations Human Rights Council from 2014 to 2016.

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