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Electronic health insurance cards to be issued from 2020

Released at: 08:12, 30/03/2019

Electronic health insurance cards to be issued from 2020

Photo: Duong Ngoc (VNA)

Cards to make health examinations and treatment an easier experience.

by Jessica Nguyen

The draft Electronic Health Insurance Card (HIC) policy has been completed and will be officially introduced in 2020, according to Vietnam Social Insurance. The HIC card is expected to bring major benefits to related parties such as the Social Insurance Agency, healthcare facilities, and those participating in the health insurance program.

The electronic card will contain basic information such as the full name, date of birth, personal insurance code, and date of issuance. Other information such as gender, address, and medical examination and treatment places will be managed via professional insurance software.

For the Social Insurance Agency, the issuance of electronic HIC cards will help resolve any situation of profiteering and abuse of the health insurance fund, because medical examinations and treatment can only be performed after biometric information integrated into the card has been confirmed. This will help prevent health insurance cards from being borrowed.

The implementation of inspections and payment of medical examination and treatment costs to be paid by HIC via machines will help shorten the time compared to the previous manual method. Information on social insurance and unemployment insurance are also expected to be integrated into the electronic HIC card.

For medical examination and treatment facilities, switching to using electronic cards to authenticate users at the reception stage will help save costs, reduce procedural checking time and guarantee accuracy. The patient’s personal information stored in the electronic card will be used to identify and authenticate them with ease, without having to check their ID. Electronic HIC cards also help medical establishments check information about previous medical examinations and treatment of patients, avoiding cases where patients go to the doctor many times or take non-prescribed medicines.

As for the benefits for health insurance participants, when they go for medical examinations or treatment they do not need to carry identification but can easily authenticate themselves with biometric information via their fingerprints or faces.

The change from a paper health insurance card to an electronic HIC card, as committed by the Social Insurance Agency, will take place over a period of 24 hours. Previously, Vietnam Social Insurance announced that from July 1, 2019, the price for health insurance will also be increased to VND67,050 ($3.2) per month compared with the previous price of VND62,550 ($2.97) per month, due to future increases in the base salary.

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