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Traditional rural market on way in Hanoi

Released at: 15:23, 26/07/2018

Traditional rural market on way in Hanoi

An event for the traditional rural market organised at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Touris. Photo: Vietnamtourism.com

Festival to be held on July 27-29 at Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Son Tay town.

by Le Diem

A traditional rural market will be open from July 27 to 29 at the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Culture and Tourism in Son Tay town, Hanoi.

The market replicates traditional local markets found in rural areas and aims to provide a new experience for tourists, especially children, to learn about the lives of people in the countryside.

Visitors will see typical images of a rural market, from a bamboo gate decorated with conical hats to chicken coops and bicycles, with vendors carrying bamboo baskets on poles with products for sale. 

Popular countryside food not easily found in the city is on offer, such as sticky rice cakes, peanut candy, boiled corn, and green tea, as well as agricultural products such as rice, sweet potatoes, peanuts, green beans, and sesame.

Visitors can also participate in making traditional handicrafts like pens and dragonflies from bamboo, “to he” (toy figurines - a traditional toy for children in Vietnam made from glutinous rice powder and in the shape of animals, flowers, or characters from folk stories), and pottery, as well as traditional cakes of the ethnic Ta Oi and Tay people and the colorful sticky rice of the ethnic Thai people.

Children can have fun with folk games like “o an quan” (Mandarin squares - a traditional Vietnamese children’s board game), “danh quay” (using a wire to play with a spinning top made from wood or animal horn), rope jumping, and so on.

A “Summer’s Day” program for kids will be held from July to September, where they can learn about the culture, music and arts of different ethnic minority villages and participate in and enjoy musical performances.

Located at the Dong Mo Tourism Area in Son Tay town, the Vietnam National Village for Ethnic Minority Culture and Tourism is a national cultural center reproducing, preserving, promoting, and exploiting the traditional cultural heritage of the country’s 54 ethnic minority groups.

The village provides healthy entertainment and sports and arts activities for domestic and foreign visitors. Nearly 1,000 artisans, elderly people, and village patriarchs from ethnic minority groups in 20 cities and provinces around the country attended 12 events and 30 festivals in the village last year, featuring numerous performances of folk dances and singing, culinary fairs, and exhibitions of traditional crafts. Ethnic minority people proudly introduce and share their intangible cultural heritage, contributing to promoting the value of Vietnam’s traditional culture.

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