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Thai Festival on way in Hanoi

Released at: 13:50, 30/09/2017

Thai Festival on way in Hanoi

Photo: Lehoithegioi.com

Ninth Thai Festival to take place on September 30 and October 1 at Thong Nhat Park in Hanoi.

by Le Diem

The ninth Thai Festival in Vietnam is being held on September 30 and October 1 at Thong Nhat Park in Hanoi by the Thai Embassy in Vietnam and private Thai companies and community organizations in the country, to strengthen the bilateral friendship between Vietnam and Thailand as well as to introduce Thai culture.

More than 70 artists from Thailand will perform traditional arts, such as musicians from Sakon Nakhon province, famous Thai singers Palaphol Pholkongseng and Bell Supol, and the Sbunnga dance group from Chiang Mai province, with mixed traditional and modern dance. Thai dance is the main dramatic art form in Thailand. Like many forms of traditional Asian dance, it can be divided into two major categories that correspond roughly to high art (classical dance) and low art (folk dance). Muaythai boxing matches will also be held at the festival.

The event also provides visitors with the chance to enjoy cooking performances by Thai chefs, with typical Thai dishes such as Pla-Moo-Yang (spicy and sour grilled pork salad), Lab-Hed (spicy fresh mushroom salad), Tom-Yam-Kung (spicy shrimp soup), Khao-Soy-Kai-Nua (egg noodles with chicken or beef curry), Kang-Phed-Ped-Yang (roast duck curry), and Pueak-Kang-Buad (taro in coconut milk).

Thai cuisine is known for its balance of five fundamental flavors in each dish or the overall meal - hot (spicy), sour, sweet, salty, and bitter (optional). Though popularly considered a single cuisine, Thai food is really better described as four regional cuisines: northern, north-eastern (or Isan), central, and southern. Southern curries, for example, tend to contain coconut milk and fresh turmeric, while north-eastern dishes often include lime juice. Thai food is known for its enthusiastic use of fresh (rather than dried) herbs and spices as well as fish sauce.

Thai handicrafts will also be introduced as well as tourist information on famous sites and tours. Lucky draws will be held, with attractive prizes including electrical equipment, motorbikes, round-trip tickets to Thailand, and hotel vouchers.

Entry is free. Profits from the event will go to the National Fund for Vietnamese Children, according to the organizers.

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