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Sunway Hotel Hanoi helping underprivileged youngsters

Released at: 09:23, 24/06/2017

Sunway Hotel Hanoi helping underprivileged youngsters

At the signing ceremony. Photo: Sunway Hotel Hanoi

Underprivileged youngsters provided training under the motto "Giving a fishing rod is better than giving a fish".

by Nguyen Nhan

Under an agreement signed in Hanoi on June 22, Sunway Hotel Hanoi and the Quynh Hoa Charity Vocational Training Center jointly launched a project to support underprivileged youngsters in Vietnam by providing them with an opportunity to earn regular income, conducted under the motto “Giving a fishing rod is better than giving a fish”.

Sunway Hanoi will provide disadvantaged youth at the Quynh Hoa center with a steady market for their quilling handicrafts made from paper, such as pictures, cards, and jewelry boxes, etc. Products will be selected and presented as souvenirs to hotel guests and be displayed for sale in the hotel’s lobby. The project is part of Sunway Hotel Hanoi’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) program and continues the Sunway Group’s commitments to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which has been consistently followed by its subsidiaries in 50 locations worldwide.

Products made by disadvantaged youngsters displayed for sale at the Sunway Hotel Hanoi. Photo: Sunway Hotel Hanoi

“Social responsibility forms an integral part of the Sunway Group’s business framework,” said Mr. Leslie Chiyoma, General Manager of the Sunway Hotel Hanoi. “At Sunway, we believe that human beauty comes from acts of kindness and should be encouraged among more and more people. Providing support to the disadvantaged brings them a light of hope for a better life and improves the quality of society in Vietnam, where Sunway Group realizes the full potential of the tourism and service industries.”

Established in 1974, the Sunway Group is one of Malaysia’s largest conglomerates, with core interests in property, construction, education, and healthcare. It is a 15,000-strong team operating in 50 locations worldwide. In all its business divisions, it has always fulfilled its social responsibilities at the highest level. For the past 43 years, the Sunway Group has successfully initiated and developed many community-oriented projects, such as Light of Hope, Stop Hunger Now, Safe City Initiative, Sunway City, and the 1st Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System in Malaysia, etc.

In Vietnam, one of the Sunway Group’s successes is Sunway Hotel Hanoi, located at 19 Pham Dinh Ho in Hai Ba Trung district and with 145 international-standard rooms, which has been recognized as Best Hotel for many years in succession by The Guide magazine, published monthly by Vietnam Economic Times.

The Quynh Hoa Charity Vocational Training Center, part of the Organization for the Support and Education of Disadvantaged Children (OSEDC), was founded on August 28, 2007 and aims to provide vocational training, career orientation, and job opportunities to underprivileged children from all over Vietnam, including the children of Agent Orange victims and disabled and homeless children. All training courses are provided for free and cover a broad range of skills, such as sewing, embroidery, silk flower making, knitting, and mat making, etc.

During its early years, without any financial support from the government, the center struggled to maintain operations due to many difficulties: inadequate facilities, a lack of suitable jobs for the disabled, and poor sales volumes, which is the main source of earnings to keep the center going.

Later, as a result of the strong determination to cope with difficulties among both teachers and children at the center as well as continuing support from authorities, charitable organizations, donors, companies, university students, and the media, the Quynh Hoa Center managed to overcome all the obstacles. The center has seen an increase in the number of students, from 20 in total to 35-40 resident students and 20 non-resident students. In 2010, quilling (paper filigree) was added to the training curriculum of the center and became a popular skill among disabled children and a popular product among domestic and foreign customers. This helps them earn a living and build up their confidence.

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