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SCBC & Odyssey Dance Theater organize international dance fiesta

Released at: 13:53, 30/10/2019

SCBC & Odyssey Dance Theater organize international dance fiesta

Photo: SCBC Vietnam

Local ballet dance company partners with Singaporean theater to hold contemporary dance show in Vietnam.

by Khanh Chi

The 10th Xposition “O” Contemporary Dance Fiesta was officially introduced to Vietnamese contemporary dance lovers on October 29 at the Soul Live Project Complex in Ho Chi Minh City.

This is the first time the Odyssey Dance Theater (ODT) from Singapore, in cooperation with the Saigon Contemporary & Ballet Dance Company (SCBC), has brought Xposition “O” to Vietnam. The festival will take place over three days.

Adding the inspiration of daily life into each move in contemporary dance performances, since 2001 the Xposition “O” Contemporary Dance Fiesta (XPO) has become one of the largest dance festivals in Asia.

Based at the prestigious Odyssey Theater in Singapore (under the Odyssey Dance Theater Ltd - ODT), for 18 years the XPO has received major global support and special compliments from embassies, audiences, and artists worldwide, through tours and cultural exchange events in many countries around the world such as Germany, Italy, South Korea, Taiwan (China), Laos, Thailand, and Singapore. The 9th Xposition “O” Contemporary Dance Fiesta in Singapore in 2017 attracted 48 global artists and eight companies from 20 countries and territories.

Seeing the international scale and positive meaning of Xposition “O” Contemporary Dance Fiesta, which can contribute to Vietnamese cultural arts in general and contemporary dance in particular, while also be a connection between Vietnamese and global contemporary dance organizations, SCBC Vietnam, with the support of Soul Live Project Complex (SLPC), struck up a historical collaboration with ODT Singapore to bring the fiesta to Vietnam.

The first XPO Festival in Vietnam this year is showcasing world-class performances and international cultural exchanges with the participation of famous dancers: Dr. Danny Tan, Art Director of Odyssey Dance Theater (Singapore), the ODT international art troupe, and South Korean choreographers Sun See & Pyoung Su, among others.

With the goal of becoming an arts company with a deep and modern cultural spirit, focused on sustainable development and outreach to the community on an international scale, SCBC Vietnam will bring more contemporary dance programs of international scale to Vietnamese and international audiences.

“I hope this will be a promising start for SCBC Vietnam and myself to organize more bilateral international exchanges with other art troupes around the world, as well as introducing Vietnamese culture through its performances at international events,” said Mr. Do Hai Anh, Art Director of SCBC Vietnam.

“There are few activities for contemporary dance in Vietnam, and dancers have little chance of exchanging experience, so this is an opportunity for Vietnamese artists to interact with and learn from foreign directors, choreographers and dancers. Vietnamese dance troupes will also have the opportunity to practice together and stand together on an international stage.”

“Through the XPO festival, we hope SCBC Vietnam’s young choreographers will have the chance to showcase their new work that can touch the hearts of the public in Vietnam as well as introduce the image of a new and traditional Vietnamese generation to audiences in Singapore,” said Mr. Dao Minh Vu, Managing Director of SCBC Vietnam.

“We will do our best to support independent/underground artists to realize their dreams, as I believe this will lead to a healthier and stronger arts community.”

“The future development direction of this cooperation is to develop the talent of artists and professional dancers in Vietnam and create cultural exchanges between Singapore and Vietnam,” said Mr. Danny Tan, Director of the Odyssey Dance Theater. “In particular, I would like to support Do Hai Anh and SCBC Vietnam’s dancers to introduce Vietnamese dance talent to the world, starting with Singapore.”

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