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Pre-paid SIM cards require updated registrations

Released at: 21:06, 13/05/2017

Pre-paid SIM cards require updated registrations

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New regulations introduced on documents needed for pre-paid SIM cards.

by Le Diem

Pre-paid SIM cards will no longer be available for use by those who do not update their information with their provider, according to new regulations on violations in telecommunications, IT, and radio frequencies.

Anyone is currently able to buy a pre-paid SIM card without registration, which has created a management challenge for authorities.

According to the new regulations, individuals are no longer limited to having no more than three SIM cards with each mobile network, as was previously the case. However, users will need to complete more thorough procedures when registering for each service.

For the first three SIM cards from each service provider, users are required to present the necessary documents and sign a confirmation letter.

From the fourth SIM card on, buyers will then have to sign a contract with their mobile network operator.

In order to register for a SIM card, Vietnamese users must submit original copies of the ID cards while foreigners must submit their passports.

Children under 14 years of age need the signature of their parent or guardian to sign up for a service.

Mobile operators can refuse deals with customers if they fail to present sufficient paperwork.

They are also in charge of reminding existing subscribers to provide compulsory information, if this is lacking.

If a user fails to submit the necessary documents within 15 days of the first reminder, their one-way telecommunications services will cease and two-way services will end after an additional 15 days.

The subscription will be terminated after 30 more days if the customer does not provide the necessary information, after which the phone number will be offered to others.

Local mobile network operators will also be subject to fines of VND800,000 ($35) to VND1 million ($44) for each subscription they offer without asking for complete information from users. Fines shall not exceed VND200 million ($8,775) for each company.

Service providers are also required to keep their customers’ information confidential, as per the law.

Operators will be fined between VND80 million ($3,510) and VND100 million ($4,390) if they do not sign proper contracts with a subscriber who wishes to buy more than three SIM cards.

A VND30 million ($1,315) to VND40 million ($1,755) penalty will be imposed on those who offer SIM cards without asking for the subscriber’s personal documents or trade a subscription that has already been registered.

The new regulations were introduced on April 24 following a proposal from the Ministry of Information and Communications, and fines will begin to be imposed from July 24.

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