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Population to be 104mn by 2030

Released at: 08:01, 30/11/2019

Population to be 104mn by 2030

Photo: Viet Tuan

Vietnam Population Strategy approved recently by Prime Minister.

by Le Diem

Vietnam aims to have 104 million people by 2030, with an average life expectancy of 75 years and a minimum healthy life of 68 years, according to the Vietnam National Population Strategy to 2030 approved recently by the government.

The fertility rate will be maintained at 2.1 children per woman of reproductive age, while birth rate gaps among regions are to be narrowed by 2030.

Vietnam also aims to maintain its age structure at an appropriate level, with 22 per cent being children under 15 and 11 per cent being people over 65. Dependents are set to account for 49 per cent of the total population and the sex ratio at birth is to be at 109 male births per 100 female births.

The expected average height is 168.5 cm for men and 157.5 cm for women.

The country also targets being among the top 4 Southeast Asian countries in the Human Development Index by 2030.

The government will increase budgetary investment and mobilize funds from other resources to realize these goals. More insurance packages will be available to meet the demand of different groups, ensuring that all people enjoy social welfare benefits.

Vietnam’s population stood at 96.2 million people in April this year, with 47.9 million men and 48.3 million women, ranking it 15th in the world and third in Southeast Asia, according to the 2019 national population and housing census released in July.

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