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Panasonic presents new scholarships

Released at: 18:47, 28/09/2018

Panasonic presents new scholarships

Photo: Panasonic Vietnam

Ten scholarships worth $51,300 presented to ten excellent students overcoming difficulties and studying at leading technology universities in Vietnam.

by Linh San

Panasonic Vietnam has held its annual Panasonic Scholarship Ceremony at Panasonic Risupia Vietnam with the participation of the Ministry of Education and Training, presenting ten scholarships worth a total of VND1.2 billion ($51,300) to ten excellent students overcoming difficulties and studying at leading technology universities in Vietnam.

Panasonic Scholarship is an annual program established in 2004 with various forms of support and training coordination. It is among the most prestigious scholarships available to students at universities of science and technology nationwide thanks to its practical financial support and comprehensive development encouragement.

Panasonic scholars will also be given the opportunity to develop soft skills or gain access to cutting-edge technology and working environments.

“In Vietnam, many new human resources policies related to recruitment, training and human resources development are based on the core management principles and values of the corporation,” said Mr. Morita Ken, Human Resources Director, Panasonic Vietnam. “Panasonic hopes the scholarship program and its many other educational support activities will contribute to the development of high-quality human resources in Vietnam in preparation for Industry 4.0.”

Panasonic also provides training and practical activities with leading universities in Vietnam, such as Hanoi University of Technology and Vietnam National University, Hanoi. Students not only gain practical and intuitive experiences on the leading technology lines of Panasonic manufacturers in Vietnam and Japan but can also be recruited to work for the Panasonic Vietnam Group.

It also organizes internship programs for students of Ritsumeikan University and Kyoto University of Technology, Japan. Thus, students from both countries will be able to share their knowledge and exchange experience in research and technology development at the Panasonic R&D Center Vietnam.

With the founder, Konosuke Matsushita’s, “People Before Product” philosophy over the past 100 years, Panasonic has considered the human element as the foundation for the development of production and business and contributions to the prosperity of society.”

The Panasonic Scholarship program was established by the Panasonic Corporation in 1998 on its 80th anniversary as a way of expressing its responsibility to society through the development of human resources in host countries. The program has been implemented in Asian countries such as China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, Vietnam and Thailand.

In Vietnam, from 2004 to 2013, the program offered scholarships for students to study their Masters Degree in Japan. From 2014 to 2018, Panasonic awarded full scholarships to full-time students in the fields of technology and engineering in Vietnam. A scholarship of VND30 million ($1,500) per year is given until the recipient graduates from university. The program has offered 68 scholarships with a total value of VND51 billion ($2.17 million) to date.

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