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Over 400,000 Vietnamese Facebook accounts leaked

Released at: 07:04, 07/04/2018

Over 400,000 Vietnamese Facebook accounts leaked

Photo from vietnamnet.vn

Vietnam in Top 10 countries affected by recent leaking scandal at Facebook.

by Le Diem

Facebook has said that the personal information of up to 87 million users, mostly in the US, may have been improperly shared with political consultants Cambridge Analytica, including 427,446 people in Vietnam.

The total number is up from the 50 million users whose message logs, phone numbers and other private information were leaked to Cambridge Analytica and announced in March, which was said to have had an effect on voters in the US election in 2016.

Facebook also named ten countries that had the most users hit by the leak. At the top was the US, with more than 70.6 million users, followed by the Philippines (nearly 1.2 million), and Indonesia and the UK (nearly 1.1 million each). Vietnam was in ninth spot and Australia was the least affected, with around 311,000 users. Other countries on the list were Mexico, Canada, India, and Brazil.

Photo: Newsroom.fb.com

Vietnam has 55 million Facebook users, according to January figures from market research and business intelligence portal Statista. One of the reasons information is so easy to take is that Vietnamese users often share their information publicly instead of sharing with friends or themselves only. They also install many apps without reading the conditions of service.

Facebook said it will update functions to protect users, such as disabling the service that allows others to use a mobile phone number or email address to find someone on Facebook. It will also limit the authorization given to third-party apps to avoid data mining. Mr. Michael Schroepfer, Chief Technology Officer at Facebook, said it will no longer allow third-party apps to access users’ private information such as religion, political views, marital status, friend lists, and hobbies.

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