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New trees to brighten up Hanoi

Released at: 21:59, 08/07/2016

New trees to brighten up Hanoi

Photo: Duc Anh

Many streets in the capital to have flamboyantly flowering Royal Poinciana trees planted.

by Nhi Linh

Royal Poinciana, a flamboyantly flowering tree, will be planted around Hanoi in large numbers under a decision from the city’s People’s Committee.

Mr. Nguyen Duc Chung, Chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, said that each year thousands of trees in the city are cut down due to decay, storm damage, or their roots breaking roadways. The committee therefore decided to plant new trees to replace some of the lost greenery.

Some trees will be planted on road dividers along the Thang Long Highway or Vo Nguyen Giap Street, while others will be added to grass road dividers on streets such as Kim Lien, Xa Dan, Giai Phong, and Lang Ha, which have some Royal Poinciana already. The space between each tree will be from three to four meters.

On Xa Dan Street are three rows of Royal Poinciana on road dividers. People living on the street expect the new trees will bring both beauty and shade but most important of all be safe for pedestrians and vehicles.

On Lang Ha Street, some people have complained that the three or four meters between each tree is too small and that when they are fully grown they will encroach upon living space and will have be cut down.

There is also concern that Royal Poinciana has many more leaves than other trees and their small size will make cleaning the roads during the fall and winter more difficult. The tree trunks are also said to not be tough enough to resist Hanoi’s wet season.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Hung, Deputy Director of Hanoi Parkco., said there is nothing to be concerned about.

The Royal Poinciana is a recommended species to grow in Hanoi and this is not the first they have been planted in the city. They were planted along the banks of the To Lich River and in 2010 were planted along Ly Thuong Kiet and Thanh Nien Streets.

Moreover, he went on, before being planted the city’s Department of Construction held meetings regarding the capacity of the tree to withstand storms during the wet season. Experience was also taken from Hai Phong and Da Nang, two coastal cities that often face fierce coastal storms but have many Royal Poinciana.

Regarding the leaf issue, he said that environmental workers will be able to sweep them up.

When asked about the cost of the trees he refused to answer, saying it was a matter for the Department of Construction and the Department of Finance.

In 2013 Hanoi issued plans to plant more trees around the city. In 2015 it cut down 6,700 trees and replaced them with new ones. At the time, however, there was a great deal of criticism from the public. The plan was suspended and many officials were punished for violations in the plan’s implementation.

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