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"Mystery of the Human Body" exhibition set for HCMC

Released at: 13:59, 16/06/2018

"Mystery of the Human Body" exhibition set for HCMC


June 21 to December 31 exhibition aims to educate the public on the inner workings of the human body and the importance of healthy living.

by Ngoc Lan

MEGA VINA is cooperating with the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Cultural House to hold the “Mystery of the Human Body” exhibition from June 21 to December 31 in the southern city.

The main goal of the exhibition is to educate the public on the inner workings of the human body and the importance of healthy lifestyles by showing the effects of healthy and unhealthy living.

The exhibition has excellent experiential content that inspires visitors to ruminate on the meaning of life and death and realize the importance of life and therefore make changes to their lifestyle.

The Vietnam exhibition boasts upgraded quality, with a total of 140 real human body specimens, including 12 whole-body specimens asphalted by plastics under advanced technology in human body preservation - Plastination - devised by Dr. Gunther Von Hagens, a German plastinator, as well as individual organs, and South Korean state-of-the-art multimedia content: an interactive media wall and large-scale projection art. 

Participants will discover the remarkable human body via eight topics: the Muscular System, the Skeletal System, the Respiratory System, the Digestive System, the Circulatory System, the Nervous System, the Reproductive System, and the Fetal Circulatory System. 

They will be presented with a handbook full of useful knowledge on the human body and ways to take care of their bodies. The exhibition also has many activities dedicated to different participants, like students, pregnant women, families, parents, and scientists.

MEGA VINA will also introduce a vast number of advanced South Korean technologies, like Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D mapping. With help from these technologies, participants will be able to interact with real human bodies.  

“Our mission is to bring the highest values in culture and science to Vietnamese people,” said Mr. Chung Won Ho, Project Director of the “Mystery of the Human Body” exhibition. “As in South Korea and many other countries, we hope that Vietnamese people will take on a healthy lifestyle for themselves and the community after visiting the exhibition. They will also better understand the structure and biological activity of the human body and see the harmful effects of bad habits. The exhibition will also motivate people to learn more about life sciences.”

The exhibition will contribute 1 per cent of revenue from ticket sales to the Operation Smile Organization, which provides free surgeries to children with hare-lips and cleft palates. A thousand free tickets will also be given to children to participate in activities at the Ho Chi Minh City Youth Cultural House during the summer.

The “Mystery of the Human Body” is considered the most successful travelling exhibition in world, attracting 40 million visitors in over 60 cities globally and educating them on anatomy, physiology, and health.

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