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Muong Thanh Hospitality kicks off environmental protection campaign

Released at: 14:00, 01/08/2019

Muong Thanh Hospitality kicks off environmental protection campaign

Photo: Muong Thanh Hospitality

Hotel group to replace plastic and plastic materials at its 60 hotels nationwide from August.

by Jessica Nguyen

Muong Thanh Hospitality is the first large-scale enterprise in the hospitality industry to pioneer replacing plastic or plastic materials with environmentally-friendly and healthy materials such as fabric and paper at its network of nearly 60 hotels nationwide.

From August, the hotel group will officially replace and remove items made from plastic or plastic materials in its hotels, such as plastic straws, take-away and laundry bags, plastic cups, razors, cotton swab bags, soap, brushes, needles, and comb covers, etc.

These are small objects but occupy a huge amount of consumption in the hospitality industry in general and hotels in particular. According to a preliminary summary, the 60 Muong Thanh hotels will replace an estimated 1,162,324 plastic straws with paper straws, 271,123 plastic cups with paper cups, 308,056 plastic boxes with paper boxes, 184,853 plastic bags with paper bags, and introduce 2,351,642 cloth bags.

In order to encourage tourists and communities to participate in environmental protection activities, Muong Thanh has also created the “Plastic Transformer Challenge”. Participants can make their own videos of recycling plastic waste (plastic bottles, bags, cups, boxes, etc.) into useful items, upload them on to their personal Facebook page with the hashtags #Transformer and #NoPlasticChallenge, and challenge their friends to join in. For each video made, Muong Thanh will contribute VND40,000 ($2) to its fund for building children’s playgrounds around the country from recycled items.

To improve awareness among group employees, Muong Thanh hotels will also organize garbage collection and sorting activities at beaches, tourist attractions, and areas near its hotels with the participation of nearly 12,000 employees. The popular “Before and After” trend records the change of a place littered with waste before it’s turned into a neat and clean area later. The trend is currently spreading widely among the social network community to send a message about preserving and protecting the living environment.

According to information from the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, there are about 25 million tons of domestic waste discharged into the environment each year, of which plastic waste is approximately 2 million tons. The recovery of plastic waste is very low, however, causing serious environmental pollution.

Plastic waste is discharged freely into the environment and oceans, destroying natural landscapes, killing marine animals, and indirectly entering the human food chain. In response to this situation, the Vietnamese Government is urging people to act in unison to resolve this serious problem. Vietnamese enterprises, especially tourism enterprises, need to join hands to protect marine life and the local marine environment and help raise awareness among tourists as well as local people.

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