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Money no obstacle to learning English in Nha Trang

Released at: 17:45, 15/01/2016

Money no obstacle to learning English in Nha Trang

One Brit in Nha Trang provides free English classes to anyone who's interested, after recognizing how important language skills are in the beach city.

by Son Ho

For the last five years, though confined to a wheelchair, Mr. Mac McDougall, a 74-year-old Briton, has taught English for free to people in the beach city of Nha Trang.

Mr. McDougall first came to Vietnam in 2009 as a tourist. The longer he stayed the more attached to the country he became. He began his teaching project five months after he first arrived. “Nha Trang is a very special place,” he said, and tourism is prioritized in everything that happens in the city. “Almost any job a student may find requires knowledge of English,” he said.

He runs the courses for free because he doesn’t want any student to miss out solely because they can’t afford to study. “My motivation is seeing so many students find employment and success,” he said.

Ms. Le Thi Thanh Thuy, one of his students, said the classes have helped her a lot. “I used to always get nervous when talking to foreigners,” she said. “But now I can go out there and greet them full of confidence.”

Another foreigner, Mr. Collin, a Canadian, also see the greatness Mr. McDougall has. “He enjoys teaching and has a passion for everyone to learn English and improve,” he said. “Everyone here is very relaxed and it feels like home.”

“I will continue to do this while my brain still works,” Mr. McDougall said. He then made a joke and a bright smile broke over his face: “I’m getting older, but I like to think I’m becoming more handsome,” he said. Vietnam has become his second home, and though he is handicapped he enjoys life to the fullest. “Vietnam is everything I could ask for,” he said with a smile.

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