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Krossing Over Arts Festival (KOAF) 2019 on way

Released at: 13:17, 30/03/2019

Krossing Over Arts Festival (KOAF) 2019 on way

The "Tree of Life" contemporary dance/ photo: French Institute in Vietnam

French Institute in Vietnam to hold third arts festival in HCMC from April 5 to 11 and in Hanoi from April 13 to 21.

by Jessica Nguyen

The French Institute in Vietnam will hold the third “Krossing Over Arts Festival (KOAF)” themed “The Roots” in Vietnam’s two largest cities in April. The biggest French art festival of the year will take place in Ho Chi Minh City from April 5 to 11 and in Hanoi from April 13 to 21.

The festival will feature a series of contemporary dance performances, short films, workshops and artist talks, with the participation of well-known artists such as French artist Kader Attou, choreographers Sebastien Ly, Nguyen Phuc Hung and John Huy Tran, visual artist Sandrine Llouquet, and Korean choreographer Sunyoung Grace Lim.

With the theme “The Root”, through eleven contemporary dances combining high-impact art forms, audiences can feel and understand the perspectives of the artists’ lives. These contemporary dances are expected to awaken the audience’s memories of their tradition of gratitude towards the older generations for their sacrifices.

Some of the best contemporary dances to be performed include: “The Door” - a major collaboration between Vietnamese choreographer Nguyen Phuc Hung and French visual artist Sandrine Liouquet and Vietnamese ethnic dance artist Sung A Lung; “The Root”, written by choreographer Kader Attou (Director of French La Rochelle Dance Group), has been performed in many countries in Europe as well as the US and China before coming to Vietnam; and the contemporary dance entitled “Memory thresholds”, choreographed by French overseas Vietnamese artist Sébanstien Ly, is a combination of performances between two Vietnamese dancers and two French dancers, telling of the mysterious connection between young people and their ancestors.

Choreographer Sébastien Ly / Photo: French Institute in Vietnam  

“I wrote ‘Memory thresholds’ after my grandparents died in France,” said Sébastien. “I wrote down what was in my memory. That was the time she called me back to say what I believed was very important to her, with an ancient Vietnamese poem, but in French. There was a wish that my grandmother and I could not make true: visit our homeland Vietnam once together. I couldn’t fulfill that dream, that’s why I came back to Vietnam many times later.”

The Krossing Over Arts Festival is about crossings: between contemporary dance and other art forms, between local and international artistic approaches, and between the public and artists.

In addition to the contemporary dance performances, the festival also screened eight films under the category of “cinema combining dance”, such as “Tarikat” by director Jasmijn Schrofer and “Boatman” by directors Gilles Delmans and Damien Jalet.

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