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Huge traffic jam clogs Binh Thuan

Released at: 09:10, 17/04/2015

Huge traffic jam clogs Binh Thuan

Ten-km jam quickly became 50-km long as people voice protest against thermal power plant.

by Son Ho

Tens of thousands of vehicles have been affected by a two-day traffic jam on a 50 km stretch of National Highway No. 1 in Binh Thuan province, caused by local residents protesting against the construction of the Vinh Tan Thermal Power Plant II.

People blocked roads with chairs and tables initially on April 14 but violence occurred within a day. Provincial police were called in to quell the disturbance but were met with bricks, stones, and even Molotov Cocktails, injuring many and forcing police to leave the scene by 10pm on April 15.

The protestors then gathered at the Vinh Hao Hotel, where they believed people from the thermal plant were staying. A Mercedes, a Ford and a BMW belonging to guests at the hotel were damaged, as was part of the hotel. According the director of the hotel, the protesters also threatened to burn it down.

By April 16 the protestors has been cleared. With thousands of vehicles stuck for more than a day, however, easing the traffic jam many take some time. For a few days at least, travel along National Road No. 1A in and around Binh Thuan province is not recommended.

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