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Hot weather pushes up power bills

Released at: 13:48, 17/06/2015

Hot weather pushes up power bills

Power consumption rose significantly in May as people sought relief from air conditioners.

by Son Ho

A representative from Electricity of Vietnam (EVN) has said that most household electricity bills increased sharply in May due to higher consumption triggered by the abnormally hot weather. Average power consumption in the north during the month rose 17 per cent and by 28 per cent in Hanoi.

Over the last few days of the month consumption in the capital was 10 per cent higher than the peak of 2014, reaching a record 61.48 kWh on May 29.

The presence of concrete and glass in the city’s buildings absorbs heat and drives up demand for air conditioning, and with the evenings offering little respite demand was high both during the day and at night time.

The EVN representative explained that power bills are not calculated by a normal multiplier. The more power used, the more expensive it becomes. For example, for a typical household using more than 100kWh the highest price per unit is VND1,786 ($0.08). But during May a typical household used more than 400kWh, at a price of VND2,587 ($0.12) per unit.

“When power consumption doubles, the bill may be three or four times higher,” the representative said.

So that customers can better monitor their electricity use, EVN said that from this month it would send a text message to customers advising the day their electricity meter will be read. They can then be more active in determining how much power their household is using.

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