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Hanoi to tackle traffic jams

Released at: 18:15, 11/01/2016

Hanoi to tackle traffic jams

Ten congestion hotspots targeted as city's traffic infrastructure unable to keep up with number of newly-registered vehicles hitting the streets.

by Le Diem

The Hanoi People’s Committee has set a target of reducing traffic jams at ten hotspots in the capital to no longer than 30 minutes.

There are now dozens of hotspots around the city where traffic can be backed up for hours, with the finger being pointed at construction sites and the increasing number of vehicles. Around 20,000 motorbikes and 8,000 cars are newly registered every month, for an average of 1,000 new vehicles being added to the traffic every day. It is estimated there will be 1 million cars and 7 million motorbikes on the city’s streets by 2020.

The People’s Committee said it will work with the city’s police and that traffic inspectors will be stationed at hotspots to guarantee smooth traffic flows. At least 500 police officers will be stationed at various locations around the inner city. It will also upgrade infrastructure, which has long been inadequate, and raise people’s awareness about obeying traffic rules and strictly punish offenders. It also targets to reduce the number of traffic accidents by 5 to 10 per cent.

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