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Green One UN House awarded Platinum LOTUS Certification

Released at: 13:52, 22/05/2017

Green One UN House awarded Platinum LOTUS Certification

Photo: GOUNH

High performance green building enhances the efficient use of resources through smart ecological design and management.

by Doanh Doanh

Green One United Nations House (GOUNH) in Hanoi has been awarded Platinum LOTUS Certification by the Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC), the highest level in the market-based green building ratings system.

The certification is in recognition of GOUNH as a high performance green building enhancing the efficient use of resources through smart ecological design and management.

The Platinum LOTUS certification follows the building’s previous accreditation as one of the first buildings in Vietnam to be awarded a provisional Gold LOTUS Rating from the VGBC.

VCBG’s Platinum Certification is currently the highest level in the LOTUS ratings system for designing and constructing Vietnam’s greenest, most energy-efficient, and high performing buildings.

The LOTUS ratings system promotes the construction of environmentally-sustainable buildings with the aim of ultimately bringing about the efficient use of all forms of resources, protecting occupants’ health and productivity and reducing all forms of environmental degradation.

As a key milestone in the UN Reform process in Vietnam and the Delivering as One initiative, GOUNH is testament to the UN’s commitment to “Deliver Green”. Being a success, the building has become a role model for sustainable green buildings in Vietnam, signifying the importance and urgency of environmental sustainability and climate change.

Advocating climate change mitigation and adaptation, the GOUNH is constructed of ecologically-friendly materials such as lead-free paint and furniture low in harmful Volatile Organic Compounds. Efficiency in heating, cooling and energy systems is maximized through photovoltaic panels harnessing solar energy and generating at least 10 per cent of the building’s annual electricity consumption. Additionally, through the application of an innovative Green Office Guide, UN staff have adopted green behaviors such as the reduction of paper, plastic and energy use as well as carbon-free transportation.

Accepting the certificate on behalf of the UN, Mr. Kamal Malhotra, UN Vietnam Resident Coordinator and Chair of the GOUNH Management Board, congratulated and acknowledged the collective efforts of the Vietnamese Government, donors, UN agencies, and development partners. He reiterated the UN’s readiness to reinforce partnerships, emphasizing the “critical objective to provide a model building that demonstrates the viability of innovative sustainable buildings in Vietnam.”

The Green One UN House project is a joint endeavor between the Vietnamese Government, donors, and the UN Country Team. The government contributed a high value site, the existing United Nations Apartment Building at 304 Kim Ma Street in Hanoi, and support through other material sources. Alongside participating UN agencies and UNEP contributions, donors - including Australia, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland and the UK - have also provided generous contributions to the renovation of the building.

Key Green Features:

28.8% energy use reduction

42% water use reduction through fixtures

94% of existing structure reused

35% of roof is green roof

77% of roof and paved area limit the heat island effect

408 solar panels generate at least an average of 110,000 kWh per year

Use of an intelligent and centralized software system to control the building’s electrical, thermal comfort, and mechanical equipment.

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