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FV Hospital relaunches Children of Vietnam Fund

Released at: 08:11, 15/05/2018

FV Hospital relaunches Children of Vietnam Fund

Photo: Hong Nhung (VET)

Hospital provides program of surgery operations for poor children.

by Khanh Chi

FV Hospital recently announced that they will be relaunching the Children of Vietnam Fund so they can help more poor disabled children and teenagers in the form of surgical treatments. The Children of Vietnam Fund is a charity fund that was launched in 2006 by FV Hospital and Thanh Nien Newspapers.

The fund’s beneficiaries are Vietnamese children and teens under the age of 16 who have difficult family circumstances and can’t afford medical treatment. In order for them to qualify, the patient’s health condition must be able to be cured or be significantly improved through the operation of surgical procedures (the fund will not finance medical treatment or treatment for chronic conditions) unless the chronic condition is significantly improved through a surgical procedure.

This year is the 12th year the fund has been in operation. Looking back on all of the efforts made after many years, it’s now time to ask for stronger support from the community to help people with more difficult disabilities.

FV Hospital is committed to providing office space, paying the fund manager, sponsoring fundraising events, organizing fundraising activities for staff and patients, and seeking donors and cash contributions. For the caring and treatment of patients, FV will offer free screening and post-operative follow-up visits, give discounts of 20 per cent in hospital fees, and encourage physicians to give reduced or free treatments. 

FV Hospital will also encourage and allow its staff to volunteer for the fund's activities when they’re available. Thanh Nien newspapers also agreed to sponsor information for the fund's activities and air the fund’s successful operations on Thanh Nien media in the hopes of finding more sponsors and benefactors for the fund.

The fund has so far raised more than $440,000 in operating funds through the contributions of FV Hospital, individuals, and group donors through fundraising events. This source has helped hundreds of poor disabled children return to normal life.

The total number of patients the hospital receives is over 200,000 people per year now, and it’s estimated that the amount that FV will contribute to the fund in 2018 will be more than $200,000. This amount can help around 150 to 200 lives. The board of directors of FV Hospital said it would maintain this contribution every year.

This generous contribution of FV Hospital will help the fund grow even stronger. Fund managing members have the ambition to build the reputation of the foundation, not only in the country but also for the international community.

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