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FV Hospital re-certified by JCI

Released at: 10:35, 07/03/2019

FV Hospital re-certified by JCI

Photo: Hung Cao (VET)

Hospital receives second certification under international criteria for patient safety.

by Khanh Chi

FV Hospital announced on March 6 it has received international medical quality certification from JCI (Joint Commission International) for the second time, following the first in 2016.

Three years since the 2016 certification, under JCI rules, a team of experts visited FV Hospital early this year for a week of analysis, investigation, and evaluation.

The fatal risks in the healthcare sector are currently higher than in the aviation sector and adverse events at nuclear reactors. Therefore, the greatest challenge for hospitals is how to guarantee the highest level of safety for both patients and medical staff.

JCI is the world’s leading organization in accreditation and certification of medical quality. Hospitals awarded its certification receive a gold seal that recognizes their commitment to safety and quality in international patient care and hospital management.

JCI is renowned for its strict US standards in the world of health and its focus is to protect patients and minimize medical risks to the lowest level. To this end, JCI has proposed 1,200 standards of measures covering all hospital activities, from patient records, examination, and treatment to patient discharge from hospital.

There are six criteria specifically considered by JCI as important, called the international criteria for patient safety. Any hospital not meeting one of these six important criteria will not receive JCI’s gold seal certification.

“The safety of the patient must not rely on the experience or a person’s working style, even if the person is a doctor who has a high professional capacity,” said Dr. Jean-Marcel Guillo, CEO of FV Hospital. “FV is determined to follow the same strict JCI standards, which means that we do our best to minimize risks during treatment and care.”

“The most important thing when processes are standardized and carried out correctly is that FV not only minimizes the medical risks for patients, but also helps to protect the medical team from fatal mistakes.”

To achieve this, in the three years since receiving its first JCI certification, FV has turned it from a process and standard into a workplace culture that all employees follow. “At first, nobody liked JCI, and some were even strongly against it because many doctors had to reconsider their habits and experience,” said Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam Giang, Chairman of the Advisory Board and Head of the Anesthesia Resuscitation Department at FV. “However, since the JCI standards were followed, the process is clearer. Dangerous errors due to personal habits and experience no longer occur.”

FV Hospital has performed well in the criteria and maintained standards for the past three years. When faced with JCI’s supervisors conducting the re-evaluation, all received excellent assessment results.

The JCI gold seal is an important milestone proving FV’s long-term commitment to providing high-quality healthcare and pursuing patient care with an ambition “to bring the standards of international healthcare to Vietnam”, making FV Hospital become a leading medical service provider in Asia.

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