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FV Hospital partners with SNEC to provide free corneal transplants

Released at: 08:24, 02/04/2018

FV Hospital partners with SNEC to provide free corneal transplants

Photo: Khanh Chi (VET)

Hospital works with Singapore National Eye Center to provide free transplants for vision-impaired patients.

by Hong Nhung

Willing to share in social responsibility and support the disadvantaged to regain full sight, FV Hospital announced on March 31 that it will cooperate with Professor Jod Mehta, a leading corneal transplant specialist from the Singapore National Eye Center (SNEC), to provide free corneal transplants to three patients.

FV Hospital has already conducted 36 free corneal transplants for disadvantaged Vietnamese so far.

The total cost of the transplants is about $43,000. SNEC will cover $19,000 of the surgery costs of Professor Mehta. FV Hospital will cover hospital expenses, postoperative care, and meals to the tune of $15,000. The cost of the cornea is around $9,000 and will be covered by the two partners.

FV Hospital is the first in Vietnam to donate free corneas to underprivileged patients. The humane action reflects its great desire to reduce blindness due to corneal disease in Vietnam and help more patients gain clear sight without spending too much money or too much time waiting.

The three patients are Tran Thi Phuong Thanh (aged 15, Bac Lieu province), Nguyen Thi Hong Tham (aged 24, Tien Giang province), and Pham Van Quy (aged 54, Ho Chi Minh City).

The charity program will be divided into two phases, including surgery on March 31 for one patient and in July 2018 for the two other patients. All three will not only be treated by SNEC’s leading specialists but also receive a special care regimen at FV Hospital, an international JCI-accredited hospital on quality and patient safety.

Over the past decade, FV Hospital has developed a partnership program with SNEC to meet the growing demand for eye treatment and to improve the ability to cure eyes disease in Vietnam.

In 2016, it became the first private hospital in Vietnam to cooperate with leading global corneal surgeons to provide corneal transplants.

The corneas FV accesses are imported from major corneal banks in the US and Singapore, which have the world’s best treatment for and preservation of donated corneas, bringing a lot of hope to Vietnamese patients.

In October last year it also partnered with Dr. Donald Tan, the President of the World Corneal Society and Senior Partner of Eye & Retinal Surgeons (ERS), a private ophthalmic group in Singapore, to provide free corneal transplants to three Vietnamese patients.

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