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FV Hospital opens upgraded cancer care center

Released at: 11:22, 16/11/2018

FV Hospital opens upgraded cancer care center

Photo: Khanh Chi (VET)

International hospital invests $5.3 million in Hy Vong Cancer Care Center to put it among the most modern in Southeast Asia.

by Hong Nhung

FV Hospital opened its upgraded Hy Vong Cancer Care Center on November 15, which received investment of more than $5.3 million.

Besides investing in the scale of facilities and modern equipment and engaging an international team of doctors and adopting international treatment standards, FV Hospital also announced a collaboration with HCG, the largest provider of cancer care in India, with a network of more than 20 comprehensive cancer centers across the country and Africa, making the Hy Vong Cancer Care Center the leading cancer center in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

The new center has modern and comprehensive facilities providing diagnostic, disease identification, and treatment services with highly effective palliative care. In its 15 years of operations, the center has provided treatment care for some 80,000 cancer patients, with many remaining healthy after five, ten or even 15 years of treatment.

FV invested in developing facilities and expanding accommodation to cater to 80-100 patients each day, who are consulted by treatment experts. The chemotherapy treatment area consists of 17 treatment chairs and beds for up to 25 patients each day. Most of the investment went to equipping one of the most modern and advanced radiotherapy systems in the world, with the aim of increasing patient numbers to up to 80 a day.

Comprehensive treatment includes the most modern digital linear accelerator, Elekta Infinity, which applies VMAT technology and allows accurate treatment of tumors with optimal dosage and fast speed while not damaging surrounding healthy tissue, the latest CT simulation, GE, which accurately identifies and simulates the location and size of the tumor, and the latest generation of spectrophotometer systems, Spect City 2018, which precisely monitor the progression and bone metastases of cancer patients.

Besides comprehensive equipment and convenient facilities, the Hy Vong Cancer Care Center’s team includes French and Vietnamese doctors, physicians, technicians, and nurses who are well trained and have experience in domestic and foreign hospitals.

The Hy Vong Center is the only place in Vietnam with a team of physicists trained regularly, with the Chief Physicist being Frenchwoman Geraldine Polge. Engineers ensure the operation of the radiotherapy equipment at the safest and most effective level and also, along with physicians, conduct a dose survey for radiotherapy.

Along with the treatment of cancer, the Hy Vong Center also provides support services to reduce the side effects of treatment, maximize the therapeutic effect, and make the recovery process easier, such as nutrition and psychological counseling, pain management, and supportive care.

Behind the Hy Vong Cancer Care Center and FV Hospital is HCG, a network with more than 20 hospitals specializing in cancer care in India and Africa.

HCG is the largest provider of cancer care in India, researching and applying the most advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies in the fight against cancer. It has not only saved millions of lives but also played an important role in changing the medical industry, to the benefit of patients and medical experts around the world.

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