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Flamingo Dai Lai hosting 'Art in the Forest 2019' exhibition

Released at: 17:02, 28/10/2019

Flamingo Dai Lai hosting 'Art in the Forest 2019' exhibition

The 3D-art-work entitled "The Fragment of the Twenty-First Century" by Spanish sculptor Daniel Pérez. Photo: Thanh Thanh

Resort opens annual exhibition running from October 26, 2019 to October 15, 2020.

by Jessica Nguyen

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort opened its annual “Art in the Forest 2019” (AIF 2019) exhibition on October 26 2019. Themed “International lacquer painting and sculpture”, AIF 2019 features 68 artworks created by 17 international and Vietnamese artists.

International artists at AIF for the first time include sculptors Ariel Moscovici and Floyd Elzinga and artists Sha Sha Higby and Nobuyuki Takana, while there are also some familiar faces from previous exhibitions, such as renowned Japanese sculptor Mukhai Katsumi and Vietnamese sculptors Dam Dang Lai and Le Lang Luong. Each of the showcased artworks feature different styles telling their own stories and are the result of the hard work and artistic labor of artists over the last year at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort.

Bringing to mind both beauty and imperfection, Spanish sculptor Daniel Pérez opened his heart with a 3D artwork entitled “The Fragment of the Twenty-First Century”, while South Korean sculptor Yongsan Jang engraved a steadfast journey to search for the essence of life, light, birth and death through the artwork “Molecules 190916”. With “Space in the Middle II”, French sculptor Ariel Moscovici asked questions about origin, bringing hope and belief about a better future.

Introducing the public to different layers of emotions, sculptor Floyd Elzinga from Canada created her artwork called “Potential” from pinecones, which is “a symbol of revival and immortality”, she said. If someone wishes to listen to the “Sound of the Earth”, they should come to admire the artwork of Japanese sculptor Mukai Katsumi and feel the breeze blowing through the grasslands or the whispers of insects and flowers. 

The "Molecules 190916" artwork made from stainless steel by South Korean sculptor Yongsan Jang. Photo: Thanh Thanh

Lacquer paintings on display also tell various stories. South Korean painter Jang Jin-su expresses his social philosophy with an image of small intertwined tree branches, while painters Vu Hong Nguyen and Nguyen Tran Cuong conquer lacquer to showcase their thoughts on the contemplation of connections within the universe.

“Our desire is to turn the resort into a cultural destination, an educational venue on aesthetics for now and for the future,” said Painter Vu Hong Nguyen, co-founder of the AIF project.

After six years of displays, AIF is the longest art project in Vietnam. Flamingo Dai Lai aims to create a contemporary art museum for paintings and an outdoor sculpture park to represent Vietnamese art development since 2013. AIF 2019 is open to the public from October 26, 2019 to October 15, 2020.

Art in the Forest is an annual project held at Flamingo Dai Lai Resort by Flamingo Group. Officially launched in 2015, the project is dedicated to bringing contemporary art closer to the public.

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