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Doosan Dream Kindergarten starts 2018-2019 school year

Released at: 17:25, 06/09/2018

Doosan Dream Kindergarten starts 2018-2019 school year

Photo: Doosan Vina

Kindergarten caters to children of Doosan Vina employees at Dung Quat Economic Zone in central Quang Ngai province.

by Doanh Doanh

Doosan Dream Kindergarten at the Dung Quat Economic Zone in central Quan Ngai province has started the new school year of 2018-2019, with 124 students - all children of Doosan Vina employees - and 14 teachers. The school has a total staff of 19 and teaches children a variety of subjects and caters to all of their needs.

The curriculum follows Vietnamese guidelines and is certified by the Ministry of Education and Training for pre-school education, and includes math, reading, writing, art and English. There is also a fulltime nurse as well as cooks, cleaners and other support staff.

“Our mission is to give the children a foundation that will lead to a well-rounded education,” said Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen, Principal of the kindergarten.

It will continue with its “child-centered” education program this school year, where teachers serve as observers and facilitators and which helps children develop creative thinking and initiative.

Doosan Dream Kindergarten occupies a 724 sq m building with five classrooms accommodating up to 145 children in total. It provides a safe, clean and education-centered environment so that employees can be assured their children are being well cared for.

Doosan Vina covers tuition fees and subsidizes the children’s meals and snacks. The kindergarten welcomes children from 6.15am and closes at 6.15pm, or after the last child has been picked up by his or her parents.

Doosan Vina is a high-tech industrial complex at the Dung Quat Economic Zone employing 2,000 Vietnamese. It provides the mega infrastructure products that make modern life a reality, including boilers for thermal power plants, desalination plants the size of a football pitch that turn sea water into fresh, material handling systems like cranes that are the heart of logistics at ports around the world, and structural steel for buildings and infrastructure developments. To date the company has exported products valued at $2.4 billion.

The Doosan Group is a global multinational focusing on power, water and other infrastructure developments worldwide. It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, and has operations in 38 countries, over 42,600 employees, and $22 billion in annual revenue.

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