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Computer users remain vulnerable to cyberattacks

Released at: 07:30, 13/06/2018

Computer users remain vulnerable to cyberattacks

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Enterprises need to assess software on their networks and eliminate unlicensed programs, report from BSA | The Software Alliance recommends.

by Doanh Doanh

BSA | The Software Alliance has launched its 2018 Global Software Survey: Software Management: Security Imperative, Business Opportunity. To reduce the risk of cyberattacks and boost their bottom line, the report notes, businesses in Vietnam should assess the software on their networks and eliminate unlicensed programs.

Released on June 12, the survey found that, in Vietnam, 74 per cent of software installed on computers was not properly licensed. This represents a four point decrease compared with BSA’s prior study, released in 2016.

This rate of use has been influenced in part by important trends underway in Vietnam. While consumer shipments of PCs dropped precipitously, the consumer installed base nevertheless grew - a result of shipments in previous years. Hence, the decline in the unlicensed rate was driven more by ongoing legalization, enforcement, and education than anything intrinsic to the market. There has been a decline of small PC retailers and growth in more trustworthy software sources. Security concerns over the use of unlicensed software have driven a number of consumers and businesses to obtain legitimate versions of at least security software.

Around the world, organizations use software to improve the way they do business, increase profits, reach new markets, and gain competitive advantages. Too often, however, these efforts are hampered by the widespread use of unlicensed software and the often-crippling security threats that accompany it.

The survey quantifies the volume and value of unlicensed software installed on personal computers in more than 110 countries and regions and includes nearly 23,000 responses from consumers, employees, and CIOs in those areas.

“Organizations around the world are missing out on the economic and security benefits that well-managed software provides,” said Ms. Victoria Espinel, President and CEO of BSA | The Software Alliance. “Businesses should establish software asset management (SAM) programs to evaluate the software on their networks, which in turn reduces the risk of debilitating cyberattacks and helps grow their revenue.”

The survey’s key findings include: Use of unlicensed software, while down slightly, is still widespread and CIOs report unlicensed software is increasingly risky and expensive; Improving software compliance is now an economic enabler in addition to a security imperative, and; Organizations can take meaningful steps today to improve software management.

Through in-depth analysis, the survey shows that companies can implement strong measures, including SAM programs, to improve the way they manage software, thereby increasing profits, decreasing security risks, and growing opportunities.

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