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"Coding for the Future with Google" program launched

Released at: 08:14, 02/06/2018

"Coding for the Future with Google" program launched

Photo: Khanh Chi (VET)

Google project from May to August gives wings of innovation to primary school students.

by Hong Nhung

Google has recently launched the “Coding for the Future with Google” education project for primary school students in Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta’s Vinh Long and Tien Giang provinces, with the aim of equipping kids with foundational knowledge about coding and stimulating creative thinking.

The project is completely free and funded by Google and executed by the Mekong Community Development Center with technical assistance from the Dariu Foundation.

“Coding for the Future with Google”, sponsored by Google Asia Pacific, provides 10,000 hours of free lessons in Scratch programming to over 1,200 primary school students and training for 30 teachers in ten public schools in Ho Chi Minh city, Vinh Long, and Tien Giang. The project began in May and will end in August.

Industry 4.0 has formed from numerous breakthroughs in digital technology. Information technology (IT) is therefore an important foundation for employees to participate in an effective, competitive, and global workforce. IT skills and computer science must be viewed as key skills that all students learn from an early age.

“Coding for the Future with Google” tries to address this in Vietnam, assisting the creation of a generation of young individuals that can confidently immerse themselves in the technological innovations of Industry 4.0, in accordance with government plans.

The Mekong Community Development Center, with technical assistance and laptops from the Dariu Foundation, is taking the project to public schools’ ICT classrooms in urban and rural districts of Ho Chi Minh City, Vinh Long and Tien Giang. The project aims to extend the coverage and accessibility of coding to students in areas with limited resources, providing more opportunities for them.

“According to ‘The Future of Jobs’ report from the World Economic Forum, 65 per cent of kids who are currently in elementary school will be working in jobs that do not exist today,” said Mr. Nguyen Van Hanh, Director of the Dariu Foundation. “With economic and social changes from technology, we do not exactly know the skills that kids need to grow to contribute to the future. However, we are certain that they need to be equipped with multiple skills to fight the challenges and the demands of the digital age.”

“To efficiently support Vietnam during Industry 4.0, Google focuses on developing projects that build and increase awareness of the tech industry in the country,” said Ms. Ha Lam Tu Quynh, Director of Communications and Public Relations at Google Asia Pacific. “We believe that kids are the most wonderful innovators for the future. The project helps motivate them to be more passionate and eager in their inquiries about and approach to new technology, which will allow them to become future top innovators.”

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