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Belgian embassy hosts culinary event in Hanoi

Released at: 16:03, 02/02/2018

Belgian embassy hosts culinary event in Hanoi

Mr. Denis Ducarme (left) at the event. Photo: Embassy of Belgium

Embassy promotes Belgian cuisine at event at Pullman Hotel.

by Ngoc Lan

To mark the visit to Vietnam by Belgian Federal Minister for Agriculture Mr. Denis Ducarme and celebrations of 45 years of diplomatic relations between Belgium and Vietnam, the Embassy of Belgium organized an exclusive culinary event, “A Taste of Belgium”, at the Pullman Hotel in Hanoi on February 1.

The main orientations of Belgium’s development cooperation in Vietnam are green growth, water management, and innovation. Belgium and Vietnam have a long tradition of cooperation in the agricultural sector. Belgium has, for example, been pivotal in the development of Vietnam’s dairy sector at the end of the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century. 

In the field of academic cooperation, both Flemish as well as French-speaking universities have longstanding and excellent partnerships with Vietnamese counterparts, and Belgium is the biggest development partner of the Vietnam National University of Agriculture. 

The Belgian University of Liège has structural cooperation with its Vietnamese partner to boost academic performance and increase the number of PhD students. A new and ambitious €12 million ($15 million) academic cooperation program was launched in 2017. 

This cooperation has contributed to the development of Vietnamese aquaculture and contributes to research on the adaptation of the country’s agriculture to climate change, to food technology, and to safe food.

Belgian cuisine is a hidden gem that only those who are willing to have a closer look will discover. Home of hundreds of Michelin-starred restaurants, some of which are even awarded the prestigious three-star title, Belgium has some of the best chefs in the world and its cuisine is also among the finest. From rich chocolate to sweet pastry, from fresh seafood to hearty meat dishes, Belgian cuisine is not for those who are on a diet but is sure to please the pickiest foody.

Through a standing buffet presented in a sophisticated way in order to highlight the quality of Belgian produce, Belgian chef Christoph Pouls will showcase the art of Belgian gastronomy. Featuring famed and beloved Belgian products like pears, chocolate, Speculaas biscuits, and beer, the buffet emphasizes authenticity to fully deliver the true taste of Belgium to Vietnamese guests.

Belgians are bons vivants, so Belgian cuisine gathers all the good things in life to create savory, hearty dishes that are meant to be shared with loved ones. Start with Filet American - steak tartare with a Belgian spin - to ease you into a feast, before digging in the rich, creamy stew Waterzooi with North Sea fish that promises to warm your heart during these cold days. The internationally famed Moules frites - steamed mussels with fries - will also make an appearance to please Belgian food lovers. For guests with a sweet tooth, Chef Christoph will create a Dame Blanche on the spot: vanilla ice cream with whipped cream and signature molten Belgian chocolate. 

Coupled with Brussels waffles or poached Belgian pears with Speculaas crumble, these sweet temptations will melt your heart.

Known for his culinary flair and creativity, Chef Christoph is a multi-award winning Belgian chef with abundant professional experience. He is well-versed in French and Belgian cuisine and during his travels has picked up other international and Asian dishes. 

Always craving travel and adventure, Chef Christoph moved to Asia and has held various positions in established five-star international hotel chains in China, Taiwan, and Singapore. 

His most recent position was Executive Chef at the prestigious Sofitel in Guangzhou, China.

On February 2, Chef Christoph will partner with the KOTO Training Center to give its culinary students a fun and engaging cooking workshop on authentic Belgian cuisine, using locally-sourced products.

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