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Australian beef jerky tasting event held in Hanoi

Released at: 14:07, 12/11/2018

Australian beef jerky tasting event held in Hanoi

Australian Minister for Primary Industries, Trade and Industry, Regional Water, Mr. Niall Blair (right) and Diector of Hoang Kim Hai ImEx Co., Ms. Ngo Thi Sam. Photo: Le Diem

Jerky tasting organized at Vuvuzela in Hanoi, introducing high-quality products to local people.

by Le Diem

An Australian beef jerky tasting event has been organized in Hanoi, introducing the high-quality products to local people.

The tasting was held at Vuvuzela beer club and attended by Australian Minister for Primary Industries, Trade and Industry, Regional Water, Mr. Niall Blair.

Mr. Blair spoke about the popularity of Australian snack food, including beef jerky.

While Vietnam has known the delights of beef jerky for hundreds of years, it’s only been in the last few years that premium Australian jerky has landed on plates. The beef jerky is made from premium Australian beef cuts and offers a high source of protein and low fat, authentically made from 100 per cent Australian grass-fed beef and packed in Australia.

The event introduced different kinds and flavors of beef jerky from famous Australian manufacturer New World Foods. Manufactured in the cattle farming capital of New South Wales, Casino, Local Legends and Mariani Gold beef jerky is made by New World Foods from selected free roaming, grass-fed beef. The company uses only the finest cuts of premium Australian export quality beef, cut to the right thickness and marinated in special spices to produce the authentic meaty flavor and soft texture that consumers of every age love.

When it first arrived in Vietnam in 2015, Australian beef jerky satisfied a plethora of preferences among Vietnamese consumers for its premium quality meeting the technical requirements of Vietnam’s Department of Health’s standard HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification, with no MSG (monosodium glutamate) and no artificial colors, according to Ms. Ngo Thi Sam, Director of the Hoang Kim Hai ImEx Co., the exclusive distributor of New World Foods and which is committed to working with the manufacturer to build long-term strong brands in Vietnam. “Australian beef jerky has been warmly welcomed by Vietnamese,” she told VET. “After three years, we have increased our imports five-fold. Sometimes, customers call us directly for delivery because the product is sold out at the supermarket in their location.”

Mr. Blair was interested to see Vietnamese consumers appreciate the quality of the beef jerky, driven by the reputation of New South Wales food producers, the respect Australian agricultural products have among global consumers, and the increasing focus on quality and safe food among Vietnamese consumers.

New World Foods’ beef jerky is available at international airports in Vietnam and convenience stores such as CK Mart, US. Mart, Vinmart, Intimex, City Mart, Annam Gourmet Market, and the Golden Gate chain.

Vuvuzela beer club is one of 22 well-known food service brands currently owned by the Golden Gate Group in Vietnam. Vuvuzela is one of the leaders in Vietnam’s food service’s beer club concept, renowned for its strict monitoring of food safety and quality.

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