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ASEAN students and young professionals in Hanoi for workshop

Released at: 19:50, 02/08/2017

ASEAN students and young professionals in Hanoi for workshop

Photo: The US Embassy in Hanoi

Participants from the ten ASEAN countries attending August 1-4 workshop.

by May May

From August 1 to August 4, 80 students and young professionals from the ten ASEAN countries will attend the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) Generation: ECommunity! workshop in Hanoi.

Those attending were selected for the prestigious workshop based on their outstanding track record and interest in economic engagement at the community, national, and regional levels. The workshop will feature expert panel discussions, case study challenges, and several relevant site visits, all of which aim to inspire and buttress their ability to contribute to sustainable economic growth in their communities and the ASEAN region.

The YSEALI Project is funded by the US Department of State, with the Kenan Foundation Asia and the Center for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) partnering to combine their respective strengths to produce a curriculum and agenda that will give participants core knowledge about the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and its impact on trade and development, as well as enhance their leadership and soft skills to enable them to have a greater impact on their home communities.

Speaking to participants during the opening ceremony, the US Ambassador to Vietnam, H.E. Ted Osius, highlighted that “there are nearly 410 million people under the age of 35 in the ASEAN region. You are the ones who are going to shape policy in your countries and the region in the future, the ones who are going to drive the economy and promote positive change for a more prosperous and inclusive society.”

During the workshop, they will participate in role-playing activities in which they will be challenged to view ASEAN economic questions from the perspective of diverse stakeholders, helping them experience the multiple viewpoints that go into ASEAN policy development.

On the final day, a model ASEAN summit will be held, where participants will demonstrate the content knowledge and skills they developed over the first three days to collaborate with their peers to develop regional policies.

Ms. Phan Kieu Anh, Country Program Manager of Kenan in Vietnam, said “At the YSEALI Generation: ECommunity! workshop our young participants will create a high energy and enthusiastic learning environment, benefiting from leading experts and through exchanging ideas. The workshop will help them define how they can engage with government, business leaders, and community organizations to contribute to economic and social development at the community, national, and ASEAN levels.”

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