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AEG celebrates students' Cambridge Exam advancement

Released at: 14:11, 05/06/2018

AEG celebrates students' Cambridge Exam advancement

Photo: AEG

American education organization grants certificates to STEAM English students.

by Khanh Chi

The American Education Group (AEG), Vietnam’s most prestigious provider of American overseas study services and a pioneer of STEAM education in Vietnam, last week celebrated Cambridge Exam advancement for more than 100 of their STEAM English students on Children’s Day in Ho Chi Minh City.

AEG’s Cambridge Advancement Ceremony is a gala held for STEAM English students to celebrate their English advancement. AEG’s STEAM English program is the first and only curriculum in Vietnam combining the American STEAM method with English-language learning to provide the young generation with the world’s most innovative, effective learning method.

AEG attributed this success to their method of teaching English through STEAM, providing students with language skills in subjects essential to their future development. “We are immensely proud of our students’ success this year on the Cambridge exams, and that is because we have such amazing kids,” said Mr. Richard Sherwood, Founder and Chairman of AEG. “Each day in our classes they are doing so much more with their English than in a normal classroom. They build, they create, they engage, they innovate and they inspire. We believe in our kids doing so much more than just preparing for a test, but because they do so much more, they are able to walk into an exam with the necessary confidence, skills and desire to achieve.”

Mr. Sherwood is a lifelong educator who came to Vietnam 20 years ago seeking the best Vietnamese students to attend America’s top boarding schools and universities. He has spent the last two decades pioneering education in Vietnam through AEG, which has sent more than 2,000 local students to the US to study with financial aid and scholarships of more than $110 million.

Present in Vietnam since 1997, AEG is a long-time and leading learning center and overseas study consultancy comprised of leading educators from around the world. During the last 20 years, it has consulted with and sent over 2,500 students to the US. In 2015, it launched its Academic Centers in Vietnam offering STEAM English and Test Preparation Courses. It has two Academic Centers in Ho Chi Minh City, in District 3 and District 7.

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