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5th "Art in the Forest" opens at Flamingo Dai Lai

Released at: 09:38, 29/06/2019

5th "Art in the Forest" opens at Flamingo Dai Lai

"The last days" oil painting in wood by artist La Nhu Lan/ Photo: Thuy Duong

Impressive collection of local art on show at resort from June 29 to October 15.

by Jessica Nguyen

The opening ceremony for the 5th “Art in the Forest” exhibition took place on June 29 at the “Art in the Forest” Park in the lakeside area in Flamingo Dai Lai Resort. “Art in the Forest - Summer 2019” promises to bring audiences an impressive collection of the best in art.

While the last “Art in the forest” impressed with its youthful freshness from artists early in their careers, this year’s exhibition presents mature and beautiful works by artists born in the 1970s and 80s, including Vu Kim Thu, Nguyen Thuy Hang, Le Quy Tong, and La Nhu Lan.

When admiring the painting “Street of Season” by Pham Hoang Minh, viewers may feel they are able to “touch memories stored somewhere deep inside the subconscious”. “Cloud”, from Doan Xuan Tang, represents the inseparable relationship between nature and people living in the mountainous areas in Vietnam’s far north, while Luu Vu Long’s colorful paintings bring a sense of being crowded and cramped, expressing the artist’s personal concerns about prosperity, luck, and happiness.

"The party of the angels", Acrylic, by Le Vu Long / Photo: Thuy Duong 

The exhibition will also see the participation of invited guest painter Do Minh Tam, one of the most impressive artists in the field of abstract painting after the “doi moi” (renovation) period in the late 1980s. Focusing on the subjects of nature and people in rural and urban areas and in many different places and living spaces, the artist wants to send a message about the diversity of life, with fun intermingled with sadness, happiness with unhappiness, and hope with frustration.

To mark the opening ceremony of “Art in the Forest - Summer 2019”, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort launched a package entitled “Enjoying art while experiencing a green life”. Besides relaxing in luxurious bungalows and hotel rooms, visitors can also enjoy the art at an outdoor exhibition area in the pine forest featuring more than 100 sculptures and paintings created by renowned local and international artists.

The “Art in the Forest - Summer 2019” exhibition is open until October 15.

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