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'Live, Work, Play' at The Legacy

Released at: 10:08, 22/02/2019

'Live, Work, Play' at The Legacy

Integrated-living spaces “3 in 1” at The Legacy (Photo: The Legacy)

Multifunction model in Hanoi the future of real estate.

by Thanh Thanh

The integrative multifunctional real estate model “Live, Work, Play” has created trendy lifestyles and changed successful people’s perception of what is called “Living in Style”.

The age of dull condominiums that lack entertainment facilities has passed. The integrative multifunctional model that includes shopping centers and high-class office space has been increasingly adopted by innovative investors to establish comfortable lives and cost and time-saving commutes for busy urban-dwellers.

In the near future, you won’t need to drive to work every day. Your children can fully discover their creativity in a modern entertainment space while you can enjoy time shopping for a wide variety of high-end branded products in a vibrant department store or select fresh food for your family in a supermarket. These utilities will all appear right where you live. The Live, Work, Play model with an integrated “3 in 1” location is becoming a development trend in modern metropolises.

In Hanoi’s real estate market, Live, Work, Play remains a relatively new concept. Some projects have followed this trend, such as Pacific Place, Indochina Plaza, and Keangnam Landmark, launched by foreign investors and finding success. In recent years, however, the increasing number of wealthy people in Vietnam, which is a consequence of economic growth, has led to greater demand for quality living and entertainment. As a result, people not only want to live but also to enjoy high living standards.

Understanding this demand, a complex of luxury apartments, a shopping center, and Grade A office space - The Legacy - has been built in Hanoi, at 106 Nguy Nhu Kon Tum, Thanh Xuan district, with a Live, Work, Play environment the equal of any in developed metropolises around the world. The modern office block is fully equipped with a conference center, a business lounge, and a reception area.

The Legacy – An ideal residence for the elite community (Source: Legacy)

Hundreds of prestige brands in fashion, food, convenience stores, and fresh food, as well as a children entertainment center, are found at the shopping center. All your demands for shopping and entertainment will be satisfied within just a few footsteps.

The Legacy brings high-quality living standards to a whole new level by offering international-standard personal concierge services, which can only be found in five-star hotels in major cities around the world. Such services include laundry, housekeeping, ticket bookings, and luxury transfers, etc., and are managed by the famous Japanese-based name Biken Techno, which delivers a luxurious living experience to customers.

With a low construction density, the Live, Work, Play concept at The Legacy includes 24 floors with a limited number of apartments, forming a selective community and the most ideal space in the center of Hanoi. A representative from The Legacy’s investor said: “The Legacy will bring to residents a completely different perception of a high-end living experience, where you don’t need to drive for an hour to have a delightful dinner with partners in a luxury restaurant or have a cup of coffee with friends. Living in The Legacy, every day of your life is a valuable experience.”

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