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CBRE opens new HCMC office

Released at: 09:18, 28/02/2019

CBRE opens new HCMC office

Photo: Hong Nhung (VET)

Real estate consultants open 360-degree open office, a new trend in Vietnam.

by Khanh Chi

After 16 years in Vietnam’s real estate market, CBRE Vietnam recently marked a new milestone by opening a new main office in Ho Chi Minh City, at the A&B Tower building in District 1, which is designed with an open office concept focusing on elements such as modernity, comfort and flexibility.

The office has an open work space with low desks and hot desks for staff to choose where they feel most comfortable. At the end of each working day, the desk is fully cleared and returned to its original state. Highly advanced computer and phone systems are installed at each desk so that staff can move to different desks without affecting the use of equipment.

There are also specifically-designed small corners with bean-bag chairs and sofas for employees to work and meet instead of having to use traditional meeting rooms. The cafeteria, a relaxing place for staff with a dining and entertainment area helping to create a sense of balance at work, is connected to the workplace. The transition to an open office model has created cohesion and cooperation between departments and the board of directors, while creating a more friendly, dynamic, creative and efficient working environment.

“After more than 16 years of development, CBRE Vietnam has become the home of more than 1,100 employees,” said Ms. Dang Phuong Hang, General Director of CBRE Vietnam. “We decided to invest in the open office model and the most advanced technologies, giving all of our staff a more dynamic working environment.”

“When walls are no longer barriers, when our staff can actively choose where to sit every day and are always comfortable in the office environment, I believe that each of our staff will maximize their ability and achieve further success. At CBRE, the development of each individual contributes to the success of the whole team. This milestone marks a new development stage, promising brighter prospects of CBRE Vietnam in the future.”

As traditional office models have evolved, the open office, not surprisingly, has become a trend in recent years. With modernized architecture, the 360-degree open office has three main areas: a hall & meeting room for hosting guests, an open working area for all departments, and an entertainment area for staff to relax. The office is equipped with Cisco high-tech systems that help staff easily connect with colleagues worldwide.

Photo: Hong Nhung (VET)

The new CBRE Vietnam office is also equipped with amenities for relaxing such as coffee makers, refrigerators, TVs, games such as fusball and darts, and corners to find inspiration and create energy after stressful working hours. The transition to the open office model has created cohesion and a more dynamic working culture for all staff.

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