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Transforming skylines

Released at: 14:45, 05/08/2018

Transforming skylines

Alpha Town won two awards - "Best Office Development" and "Best Office Architectural Design" - at the Vietnam Property Awards 2018 | Photos: Alpha King Real Estate Development JSC

Mr. Jimmy Chan, CEO of Alpha King Real Estate, tells VET about his experience in the segment and his desire to transform Ho Chi Minh City's skyline.

Mr. Jimmy Chan, CEO of Alpha King Real Estate

With 35 years of experience in the field of real estate worldwide, can you explain why you decided to select Vietnam as your next investment destination after focusing on developed countries? 

About 20 months ago, our team came to Vietnam and recognized the potential of Ho Chi Minh City as the future business hub of Asia, so we decided to bring our international investors to the city and create something unique. Ho Chi Minh City is dynamic, where tradition meets modernity to create a diverse culture and unique lifestyle. We hope that through our work here that we can convey the essence of the city and, most importantly, embrace cultural values in our architecture so they are artistically reminiscent of old-Saigon in the most modern way and set new heights for working, living, entertainment, and leisure in the city.

What projects have established your name in architecture and property development in Hong Kong and Shanghai in China and the US? What factors have led to your success? 

Some of my greatest achievements include Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong and Xin Tian Di in China, which are the two most successful commercial areas in the world. I also developed Disneyland and the Peninsula Shanghai and led other reputable large-scale integrated development and hospitality projects from SPG Land, Hutchison Whampoa, the Concord Group, and the Shui On Group.

My success comes from my deep understanding of the real estate industry and my efforts in protecting the best of history. I have always been a responsible developer, embracing the local culture and history and then reflecting them in the projects’ architecture and turning them into unique landmarks. That is what makes me and my projects stand out from others. In my opinion, being able to build meaningful projects that can contribute to social development is more important than building some fancy high-rise buildings.

What do you think about the potential of Vietnam’s real estate market compared to developed countries you’ve worked in and elsewhere in Southeast Asia?

In Vietnam, especially in Ho Chi Minh City, the real estate market has major potential and attracts large amounts of FDI. This expresses foreign investors’ interest in real estate investment and business opportunities in the country. Regarding Ho Chi Minh City, its real estate market has seen positive changes since 2017. With the largest population in Vietnam, the city has recorded impressive growth in the number of real estate developers and has the potential to become the business hub of Asia in the future. 

In addition, Vietnam’s economy is growing strongly while other countries in the region have slowed down. Incomes are rising, as is FDI, and tourism is growing impressively. All of these factors have attracted the attention of many foreign investors and there is likely to be more investment in the country’s real estate market in the future compared to other Southeast Asian countries and developed countries.

What do you think are your biggest advantages and how will you promote those in Vietnam’s real estate business environment?

I am strong in innovation and creativity and deliver quality products with exceptional value. I always set new standards for the projects that I develop, whether they are in Hong Kong or Shanghai or elsewhere in China. Being the trendsetter is my strength.

I hope that I can utilize this advantage in setting new heights for working, living, and entertainment in Ho Chi Minh City, by developing projects that adhere to international standards in creative design while showcasing Vietnam’s cultural identity and natural values through high-quality architecture. 

Mr. Jimmy Chan, CEO of Alpha King Real Estate (second right), receives a "Best Luxury Condo Architectural Design" award..

What have you been doing to implement the company’s mission and realize your dream of “transforming” Ho Chi Minh City’s skyline?

I believe that human wellness is the top priority of a business. Therefore, as a leader, I recruit the best people, including local talent, and train them well so they understand the requirements in creating projects of international standard and then inspire them so that they can develop unique landmarks.

In order to realize Alpha King’s mission, not only do I work with the best team but I also develop strategic partnerships with leading corporations providing world class services so that together we can apply cutting-edge technology in all of Alpha King’s projects, ensure exceptional services, and redefine luxury living in Ho Chi Minh City. All of our projects are in prime locations in the city’s District 1, with creative designs that artistically remind one of historic Saigon and promise to transform Ho Chi Minh City’s skyline in the future.

There are a lot of luxury or five-star property projects in Vietnam. What do you believe are the most important factors in differentiating your projects? How do you harmoniously combine cutting-edge technology and Vietnam’s traditional culture in your projects?

What makes our projects stand out from other luxury developments in Ho Chi Minh City is that we are deeply inspired by Vietnamese cultural values. While Alpha Town, our Grade A office building, has an architectural design inspired by the “Ao Dai”, the national dress and a bold identity of Vietnam, Alpha City, our premium integrated development, is inspired by the city’s street art and block houses. Every corner of Alpha King’s projects gives visitors a little something of Vietnamese culture, whether it is the overall design or in the materials we use. 

We apply cutting-edge technology such as BIM and SMART solutions to guarantee our projects meet international standards and provide the best experience to residents and visitors. BIM, which stands for “Building Information Modeling”, is a system used to monitor all common facilities, areas, and security measures that helps in managing design, construction, operations, and management. This is fully coordinated to ensure the final product meets high-quality standards for Vietnam and Asia-Pacific’s real estate development. 

Alpha City and Alpha Town have been selected by the Ministry of Construction to pilot BIM technology. SMART, meanwhile, or the “Smart Building” solution, allows our customers to interact with their homes through their smartphones. They will have an advanced experience in security, comfort and convenience, and energy efficiency to ensure their quality of life meets international living standards.

Alpha King Real Estate Development JSC

The Alpha King Real Estate Development JSC is a fully foreign-owned company primarily engaged in the development of multi-purpose real estate projects, from Grade A office space and commercial centers to luxury apartments. Guided by its motto of “Never Still”, Alpha King envisions itself becoming the premier enterprise in the creation of cutting-edge architectural standards and trends that further elevate the quality of real estate development in Vietnam and Asia-Pacific.

It recently received a Golden Dragon Award 2018 as “Leading Real Estate Developer” and was honored in 13 categories in the PropertyGuru Vietnam Property Awards 2018 after demonstrating the outstanding features and values its projects have brought to the community. The Alpha Town Grade A office building and the premium integrated development Alpha City have received “Best Office Development”, “Best Office Architectural Design”, “Best Retail Development” and “Best Luxury Condo Architectural Design” awards. 

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