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Success in influencer marketing

Released at: 11:31, 22/02/2018

Success in influencer marketing

Photo: Diana Unicharm

Mr. Hiroshi Iriyama, Head of Consumer Marketing at Diana Unicharm, tells VET about the company's influencer marketing campaigns in recent times.

by Do Huong

Diana Unicharm has successfully conducted influencer marketing campaigns over recent years. How effective is influencer marketing for brand building and revenue growth?

As a member of the Unicharm Corporation - Japan’s leading manufacturer of personal healthcare products in over 80 countries - Diana Unicharm wishes to provide people of all ages, from babies to the elderly, with products that support their minds and bodies and frees them from burden and allows them to fulfill their dreams. We offer baby care products such as Bobby, Mamy Poko, and Moony, feminine care products such as Diana and Softy, urinary care product for senior citizens such as Caryn, and other products.

At Diana Unicharm, all marketing efforts exist to create customer satisfaction and joy from the bottom of their heart. Influencer marketing is therefore an efficient and effective activity for our brands to create “WOW” by credibly transferring brand messages to the target audience. In the short term, if influencer marketing is properly integrated with other advertising and promotion activities, it will increase brand awareness and revenue growth.

What campaign and its influencer has been the most effective recently?

The Diana Ice Fest Tour in November and December was one of the most effective campaigns.

The tour aimed to bring joy and memorable moments to customers on the occasion of launching Diana Cool Fresh - the first cool sanitary napkin in Vietnam. With this idea in mind, we wanted customers to have an ice cool experience at under -5C, as one of the best ways to demonstrate the product’s function. The tour went through seven key cities and provinces and ended with a big concert in the Mekong Delta’s Can Tho city with the appearance of big key opinion leaders (KOLs) such as Min, Son Tung M-TP, and Chi Pu.

At recent Diana events, it has used Son Tung M-TP and Soobin Hoang Son as its influencers. Why does the brand choose male singers for feminine sanitary products?

We understand that Diana’s target customers are mostly teenagers and university students adore male idols.

Besides that, Diana also encourages it customers to “be confident to do what you love”, as Son Tung M-TP and other selected influencers like Chi Pu and Soo Bin Hoang Son always strive to realize their dreams and passions and achieve success.

What criteria do you use to evaluate the effectiveness of influencer marketing?

Well, it depends on the objectives of each campaign, such as increasing brand awareness or increasing the trial rate or just simply attracting more people to events.

For example, the Diana Ice Fest Tour’s objective was brand awareness for the new Diana Cool Fresh, and we effectively used influencer marketing based on the number of people attending events in each city and the number of interactions on each social media post about the program. Mostly, influencers have a committed number of likes / shares / comments benchmarked from their previous page performance. For the Ice Fest Tour, we cooperated with two kinds of influencers:

(1) Creating awareness by using famous celebrities who are adored by a lot of girls to spread the word about events, such as Chi Pu, or comic pages that have more than 1 million fans or posts and more than 5,000 - 7,000 likes and shares.

(2) Creating engagement by using less-famous/hot Facebookers and local social pages (Yeudanang, FoodieCantho), who will come to the event and call everyone to come and join them, so they will have 200 - 400 comments / posts and about 30 per cent of their friends will come to the venue to share the experience. Therefore, for the whole tour, we utilized five famous KOLs and seven or eight hot Facebookers / local social pages at each venue, which then contributed 25-30 per cent of people who come to the event.

In my experience, engaging famous influencers accounts for 40 per cent of the total budget and the remaining 60 per cent is for less-famous influencers who are close to the target customers. This achieves the best integrated online-offline activities.  

In your opinion, what strategies do Vietnamese brands need to adopt to maximize the effectiveness of influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is not new, but it’s currently a hot marketing trend not only in Vietnam but also around the world. Like other advertising channels, the most important thing is deeply understanding the core target customer in order to select suitable influencers. It’s actually not easy to select influencers who match the brand’s objectives, are able to create sympathy with core target customers, and possess a broad base of fans. For example, Bobby works with online influential moms and dads (the couple Ly Hai and Minh Ha, Huong Bong, and Trang Moon), while Diana cooperates with superstars and Caryn with healthcare specialists.

Other contact points need to be prepared, such as POSM in stores, activations, social media, mass media, and customer service, etc., in order to attach WOW with more “real brand experiences”. Mixing all media jointly bolsters the promotional effect to the maximum and contributes to sales.

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