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Orchestra Networks innovating on solid foundations

Released at: 15:35, 31/12/2018

Orchestra Networks innovating on solid foundations

Mr. Pierre Bonnet, Orchestra Networks’ COO and General Manager Orchestra Networks Vietnam (Photo: VET Magazine)

Extending its operations while retaining its "DNA" has been a key factor in the success of Orchestra Networks, a worldwide leader in data management and data governance.

by VET reporter

The billions of people in the world are different and unique because of one thing: DNA. In many ways, a company is similar to a living and breathing body. Among other matters, a successful business needs to have a distinctive DNA; the internal “genetic code” that carries all information on how the business will look, develop, and become unique. Extending its operations while retaining its DNA despite the many ups and downs of the market during its 18-year journey has been a key factor behind the success and development of Orchestra Networks, a worldwide leader in data management and data governance.

Early challenges

Established in 2000, the DNA of  Orchestra Networks was already data management. At that time, however, the level of maturity in the market was quite limited and organizations and companies were more interested in process management, or workflows, and deeply attracted by the first round of digitalization brought by the new internet and e-commerce landscape. 

A couple of months after the company was created, the collapse of the “tech bubble” on stock markets froze the sector for a number of years. During this period, Orchestra Networks worked hard with some large early adopter companies who considered the period of crisis to be the best time to reinvent the future of their business by better controlling risks and innovation budgets. “Developing software to manage data as a core asset was clearly aligned with our DNA,” recalled Mr. Pierre Bonnet, Orchestra Networks’ Chief Operating Officer (COO) and General Manager of Orchestra Networks Vietnam. “We exerted much energy in promoting our vision in the market by writing several books on data management topics and ratings of information systems.”

Its founders also established think tanks, such as “Sustainable IT Architecture” and the “Master Data Management Alliance Group”, to create an ecosystem of thinkers and partners around Orchestra Networks. In 2005, five years after the company was created, market analysts Gartner began to talk about “Master Data Management” as a key element in sustaining success in the digital economy and moving data to the front of the stage. The curtain on data was raised, and all their efforts to educate the market were rewarded, leveraging the visibility of Orchestra Networks around the world and allowing the company to accelerate its growth.

From startup to “smart-up”

During its first five years, Orchestra Networks was still very much a startup, with limited financial capacity to act and focusing on a compact software engineering team to build a solid data management foundation. After this period, the company started to work with more clients, moving to the second level of startup size and extending its operations from Europe to the US at the end of 2010. “In 2011, we accelerated our ability to develop more innovative features for our software by starting to work with IT teams in Hanoi,” Mr. Bonnet explained. “At that time, we entered into a stage of being a ‘smart-up’ and emerged from our pure startup state.”

When a company grows in a rapid manner in a short period of time, setting up in many new locations, including the US, the UK, Germany, Vietnam and Singapore, and supporting many new clients with new employees, it can be at risk of losing its DNA. “We worked hard on making the concept of ‘smart-up’ quite clear, bearing in mind that growth is futile if the DNA of the company collapses,” he went on. “Today, we believe that our DNA is still the same as in 2000, even though the company is much bigger, and we are still dedicated to our vision, relying on 200 employees in six countries, with partners all around the world.” The four co-founders of the company are still onboard and managing the business.

Orchestra Networks is now entering into a new period of growth, moving from a “smart-up” organization to a sustainable enterprise. The company has an ambitious software roadmap to enrich solutions with smart features and accelerate its innovation ability to act, for instance in the data visualization and intelligent algorithm domains. “Our DNA is to provide the market with a fantastic user experience, making data management and governance easier for use on a daily basis”, Mr. Bonnet said.

Mr. Pierre Bonnet, Orchestra Networks’ COO and General Manager Orchestra Networks Vietnam, tells VET about the company’s values and its development plan in Vietnam.

 Can you tell us more about Orchestra Networks’ mission, especially in the context of rapid digitalization and the deeper regulatory control of data nowadays?

Orchestra Networks is a software company, dedicated to providing the market with the best solutions for managing and governing companies’ most important data. The most important data is one intensively shared across the information system, from which operational and decisional processes rely on. If the quality of this important data is poor, all the business activities of a company will face trouble and perhaps even collapse. 

With rapid digitalization and deeper regulatory control over data, companies and organizations must invest and take care of their most important data. Orchestra Networks provide these organizations and companies with solutions to maintain control of their business. This vision is huge and deals with the sustainability of our clients in their digitalization world. We love our technology and never cease the innovation process because the success of today is not the success of tomorrow. In a rapidly-changing world, no one can look to the future without doubts, so continuous innovation is the way stay agile and maintain our ability to satisfy the market.

 What are the key values Orchestra Networks’ products can bring to customers?

Orchestra Networks is a pure-player in the data management and data governance landscape. We provide the market with an “all in one” solution to manage and apply governance processes on data assets. Our clients can improve their management and governance of their most important data with an integrated solution. 

Indeed, our software brings all features used by business users and data stewards: data modeling, data authoring, full search, versioning, audit trail, quality control, data analytics, data approval workflow, and data visualization, etc. Moreover, the solution relies on an innovative data modeling approach called “model driven”. 

This means that from the data model, all the features of the platform are automatically generated to make the solution available to end users. No specific programming skills are required to set up the generic use of data governance suitable to a company or organization. At the time customization comes into play, rich API (micro-services) allows the adaptation of software into the context of each organization and company. This model driven approach is also important to avoid any “big bang” approach into the information system of our clients. 

Actually, big companies using our solutions, such as Citibank, Paramount, TechnipFMC, United Technology, and Burger King, among others, cannot accept a big bang approach when touching their information system. A more incremental and agile deployment of data management and data governance is needed. Thanks to the “model driven” engineering lifecycle, it is possible to increasingly enrich data models over time. This is a major strength of our solution.

 What are your plans to develop and expand Orchestra Networks’ business in Vietnam?

We already have about 40 engineers onsite in the Hanoi office and our plan for the next two years is to have around 100 engineers in the office and keep outsourcing contracts to sustain our growth. In parallel, we just started our sales and marketing operation in Asia, by appointing a new Country Manager in Singapore. We already have some clients in the Asia-Pacific and our plan is very aggressively win new clients, including in Vietnam. 

Orchestra Networks - the worldwide leader in Master Data Management (MDM) solution - is organizing a one-day conference entitled “Data Management: The New Challenge Beyond Industry 4.0”, at the Grand Plaza Hotel, 117 Tran Duy Hung Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, on December 13. The conference is expected to gather together cross-industry international and national business leaders, researchers, and experts, who will share their experience and perspectives on making the best use of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) for sustainable economic, social, and environmental growth.

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