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Much to contribute

Released at: 08:17, 15/08/2015

Much to contribute

Mr Gaku Echizenya, CEO of Navigos Group, spoke with VET about the quality of Vietnamese jobseekers and the expectations of employers.

by Thu Hoang

■ Given the current quantity and quality of its human resources (HR), could Vietnam be seen as an attractive market in the eyes of foreign-invested enterprises and multinational corporations (MNCs) compared to other countries in Southeast Asia?

In expanding their business in Vietnam, foreign companies look for quality employees with high growth potential. Vietnam’s young population is certainly an advantage in attracting foreign enterprises. Moreover, Vietnamese people are hard-working, enthusiastic, and curious. As employees, they can be very flexible and open to various development paths. With the right training and development strategy I believe Vietnamese employees can contribute a lot to the success of foreign and multinational corporations.

■ What criteria are of most interest to job seekers?

According to the VietnamWorks’ survey from early this year, one of the most important concerns among jobseekers is the opportunity to develop themselves and grow as a professional in their workplace. Of course, other usual factors like salary and benefits are always in the picture, but Vietnamese jobseekers are extremely enthusiastic about learning and becoming better. A good workplace environment, where they feel recognized for their effort, was also an important concern expressed by jobseekers in the survey.

■ What notable measures and policies have employers been implementing to attract talent and skilled employees?

Employers are quick to adapt to jobseekers’ concerns. These days it’s not all about salary or benefits. Rather, MNCs have invested in creating a workplace environment where everyone feels comfortable and is encouraged to improve and develop. Employers even invest in employer branding, which is essentially the practice of advertising a company’s good workplace environment to targeted jobseekers. Catching on to this trend, VietnamWorks has introduced many employer branding services that have helped companies approach jobseekers more effectively.

■ What soft skills are lacking among Vietnam’s human resources that prevent them from being recruited by major companies and MNCs?

Communication and leadership skills are among the soft skills that many people at the beginning of their career, not only Vietnamese people, lack. In today’s world, where information is abundant and a diversity of persona can be seen in the same workplace, communication and leadership are important, especially for MNCs.

■ How would you assess the Navigos Group’s business performance so far this year? Do you think your annual targets will be met?

The outlook is extremely positive right now. In the first six months the Navigos Group grew by more than 30 per cent year-on-year in terms of revenue. The number of jobs posted on VietnamWorks.com also increased by 34 per cent, the highest growth for the last three years.

Consolidating our status as the established leader in the recruitment market in Vietnam, Navigos Group continues to carry out initiatives that bring great benefits to both jobseekers and employers. Among those initiatives is Matching Score, a unique feature on our website that matches jobseekers with the most suitable jobs.

We are also planning to organize the Tech Insider Expo, a large-scale event for IT professionals, later this year. These are just a few examples of the work we’re doing to help jobseekers and employers in Vietnam. With these ambitious initiatives I’m confident that we will be able to surpass our business expectations for this year.

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