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Maritime Bank tackling gender inequality

Released at: 14:10, 17/12/2018 BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT

Maritime Bank tackling gender inequality

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Mr. Huynh Buu Quang, General Director of Maritime Bank, shared his opinions on the bank being awarded the Global Certificate of Gender Equality (EDGE) at the Vietnam Business Forum on "Eradication of Barriers to Effective Human Resources Management and Development".

by Lan Anh

Mr. Huynh Buu Quang, General Director of Maritime Bank

What do you think about the role of promoting gender equality in the development of businesses in Vietnam? Is this a key trend for businesses to develop sustainably and attract talent?

Promoting gender equality and gender diversity is not only a trend but also a key strategic objective in Vietnam’s overall development today. According to UN rankings in the Gender Inequality Index (GII) and the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) 2013, Vietnam is considered to have been one of the fastest in eliminating gender gaps over the last 20 years. This reveals the special interest paid by Vietnamese economic and political organizations in promoting gender equality and gender diversity.

The McKinsey Group has detailed figures on the relationship between gender equality and business development. If women were to be equal to men in terms of workforce, working time, job, and similar work, an enterprise’s profit margin may increase by 26 per cent, in which the narrowing of the gender gap among staff will account for 54 per cent of this achievement.

The adjustment of wages for part-time jobs will provide an additional 23 per cent. These clear figures show that building an equal working environment will bring many benefits to enterprises, increase customer satisfaction, raise profits, improve employee lives, and attract talent. This is a key trend in the sustainable development of enterprises not only in Vietnam but also in the world.

What policies and activities have Maritime Bank (MSB) adopted to promote gender equality in the workplace?

MSB strives to create a workable, equitable, and gender-neutral working environment, where there are no gender, age, regional, religious, or ethnic differences. In all its management and human resources development policies, it is clear that ensuring equality, particularly in the recruitment and promotion process, is evaluated according to specific competency criteria, guaranteeing the opportunity to work and promoting equality for both men and women. At the same time, MSB regulates and implements strict forms of discipline and is willing to cooperate with authorities to repress racial or sexual intolerance and sexual harassment in the workplace.

MSB provides more favorable policies than those stipulated in the labor law that are suitable to target groups and circumstances and enable staff to balance work and life, such as the MSB Care Package for Staff policy, flexible working policies, special policies for women during pregnancy and maternity leave, and increased paid leave for male employees whose wives are on maternity leave.

We also actively organize events for staff, such as football tournaments and tennis matches for both men and women, family days, and celebrations of International Women’s Day and Vietnamese Women’s Day, which create a relaxing environment for both men and women and express our gratitude towards the contributions made by our female staff.

To receive the Global Gender Equality Certificate (EDGE), how did MSB develop management strategies, human resources development, and gender equality policies?

EDGE is recognition of MSB’s efforts and a tremendous incentive for the bank to implement action plans to raise equality and gender diversity.

In the near future, MSB will systematically measure and assess gender balance in recruitment data sources, with the support of a new human resources information system. Gender will be an important indicator in recruiting, and specific policies and actions will be developed from time to time. With revised Terms of Employment and Training Regulations, MSB emphasizes providing opportunities in recruitment and equal access to training, regardless of whether candidates are men or women.

MSB has developed a Career Development Roadmap for each department and unit, and its talent development programs have been operating stably. It will continue to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of development programs within a professional roadmap, which will have appropriate training plans and programs for employees. MSB will also actively implement flexible working hours and specific hours, and working online, etc., in accordance with work requirements and staff needs.

As a founding member of the Vietnam Enterprise Empowerment Network (VBCWE), MSB will be more active in proposing and implementing initiatives to remove gender barriers and promote gender equality, not only at domestic and international economic forums but also in social activities, to raise awareness and change thinking about gender equality in Vietnam. This is the desire and also the responsibility of MSB’s Board of Directors and all employees in jointly building a bank of equality, professionalism, and efficiency.

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