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GE proud of 25-year contribution to Vietnam

Released at: 10:39, 08/10/2018

GE proud of 25-year contribution to Vietnam

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Mr. Alex Dimitrief, President & CEO of GE's Global Growth Organization, tells VET about its 25th anniversary in Vietnam and its vision for the next chapter.

by Huyen Thanh

Where does ASEAN and Vietnam stand in GE’s global outlook and strategies?

Both are incredibly important in GE’s strategy and given high priority. ASEAN is very much part of the global supply chain. We have a sustainable operational footprint in ten ASEAN countries with 10,000 employees, and almost two-thirds of jobs are connected to global trade.

When we look at ASEAN, its population of 650 million people makes it one of the most dynamic parts of the world. Significant improvements are required, however, in terms of power, healthcare, and aviation, which are all specialties of GE.

GE has been in the region for over a century and is proud to be part of ASEAN’s success, including in Vietnam. We had about $5 billion worth of orders in 2017, which made ASEAN one of our most important markets in the world. We see the region as one of our key global markets and are excited about the future of ASEAN and GE.

What contributions has GE made to Vietnam’s development over the last 25 years?

This is the perfect time for me to be making my first visit to Hanoi and it’s an honor for me to be here as we celebrate 25 years of GE’s success in Vietnam. In 1993, GDP per capita in Vietnam was $180 but today, 25 years later, it stands at over $2,000. That is truly amazing growth and a major success story. Our own success in Vietnam is in parallel with the country’s in many ways, and we have played a small part in contributing to its success.

GE helps generate more than 30 per cent of Vietnam’s power capacity and our equipment is powering many key energy projects, from thermal power to hydro power. Renewable energy is also something we are involved in and demand has great potential. We have also helped upgrade thousands of kilometers of national transmission lines and have suppled transmission equipment to many projects in Vietnam in the past.

In healthcare, more than 50 per cent of hospitals around the country use at least one piece of GE’s healthcare technology every single day. Our aircraft technologies, meanwhile, are also helping Vietnam Airlines and Vietjet Air operate their aircraft engines.

We are particularly proud of our plant in Hai Phong, where we make generators for wind turbines and export thousands. The plant has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in export revenue annually. It is one of our five Brilliant Factories around the world, using advanced data analytics to improve operations. The plant’s productivity has increased 30 per cent since our transformation.

What is your vision for GE in Vietnam over the next 25 years?

Vietnam will continue to experience an increase in the size of its middle class. This requires not only greater access to healthcare but also better healthcare. I think GE’s healthcare business will play a critical role in public-private partnerships with hospitals to guarantee that Vietnamese people obtain the level of healthcare they need.

Vietnam will also continue to see rising demand for power, like the rest of the world, but must address its energy mix and challenges in terms of the environment and the need to reduce emissions as soon as possible. This means increasing the use of renewable energy, gas, and other environmentally-friendly sources of energy.

We are proud to be a company that has contributed to Vietnam’s success over the last 25 years and believe this is only a sign of what’s to come in the next 25 years.

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