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Becoming the best

Released at: 11:24, 26/08/2015

Becoming the best

Mr. Lee Hsun Yu, General Director of Cathay Life Insurance Vietnam.

Vietnam’s life insurance market in recent times has seen continual development with high growth every year, despite many economic setbacks. Companies introduce new products every year and new service tools such as tablets. The image of life insurance has improved greatly, making it easier to approach customers and recruit new agents.

We expect market trends to continue to develop into the future. The most important aspect for us is our commitment to becoming the best life insurance company in Vietnam. Our core values are: Trustworthy, Responsible, Creative. We focus on training our agents and staff to be more professional and to take pride in their work, so they will consider this career as important and pursue it for a long time. By way of support, we design the most suitable and innovative products to help expand our core values.

Therefore, we expect to popularize the concept of life insurance among society and, in turn, we will grow together with this customer recognition to achieve our vision. 

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