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Vissan imports breeding pigs from US

Released at: 15:23, 17/09/2016

Vissan imports breeding pigs from US

Photo: Vissan

Pigs arrive in HCMC on September 15 from leading US livestock supplier.

by Khanh Chi

The Vissan Company has announced the receipt of 220 purebred breeding pigs from the US livestock exporter Clayton Agri-Marketing on September 15.

“This is the third shipment of Landrace, Yorkshire GGP and Duroc stock received from the US exporter and they come with the highest health status,” said Mr. Van Duc Muoi, CEO of Vissan.

The herd were selected directly from Clayton Agri-Marketing’s breeding farms. The average weight is 50 to 55 kilos, costing $2,250 per male and $1,950 per female.

After a quarantine period they will be transported to their final destination, a farm in south-central Binh Thuan province, where they will be cared for and bred under the guidance of experts. In order to prepare for the intake the company has fully prepared feed supplies and all breeding facilities.

With this import of 220 purebred pigs, Vissan will produce the next generation of breeding pigs before processing commercial pork, according to Mr. Luu Ngoc Giao, Director of Vissan’s factory farming. It is expected that the company will produce commercial pork from these purebred pigs after ten months.

“This is a resource development strategy that will contribute to developing and improving the quality and productivity of herds and contribute to completing the company’s 3F origin traceability program (Feed - Farm - Food),” he added.

“The sales price of commercial pork from purebred pigs is expected to be lower than the current price of Vissan’s pork.”

These are the first breeding pigs imported from the US by Vissan this year and follow two previous shipments from Clayton Agri-Marketing.

Early this year it announced it would sell fresh pork meeting Vietnam Good Agricultural Practices (VietGap) standards from April 15. Its fresh meat is available at 146 points of sale in wet markets in Ho Chi Minh City and 309 supermarkets in nearby cities and provinces.

Vissan, founded in 1970, is among the country’s leading producers and exporters of fresh meat, poultry and processed food. Following an initial public offering last March the State still holds a 65 per cent stake as its major shareholder.

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