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Virtual communications assistant Business Wire launched

Released at: 21:41, 03/04/2018

Virtual communications assistant Business Wire launched

Photo: Business Wire Vietnam

Communications technology company takes on traditional communications companies.

by Hong Nhung

Business Wire, a virtual communications assistant that has conquered many global markets already, has been officially launched in Vietnam.

Business Wire (Vietnam) is a service converting enterprise information into news and press releases to the media, event coordinators, shareholders, and investors. It connects the businesses involved in the service with a massive media network of nearly 600 journalists and 200 newspapers, forming a “busi-news agency” where businesses themselves become news reporters.

The advantage of Business Wire lies in the application of technology in the entire process. Customers need only follow four simple steps: log in, upload release content, select suitable press subdivisions, and send out the information - which is done automatically. Business Wire also applies artificial intelligence in analyzing, monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of business news, supporting enterprises in effectively optimizing their communications activities.

Business Wire supports a wide range of businesses: small companies lacking media relations or personnel in charge of corporate communications, public companies with high demand for communications to shareholders and the media, and large corporations with an overwhelming workload for the communications department and in need of support from a “virtual assistant” such as Business Wire, enabling them to focus their resources on strategic activities.

In addition to extensive news releases, businesses using Business Wire services will also own their private Enterprise News Room on the website https://businesswire.com.vn/. With official information from businesses, the website can be followed by investors and shareholders to pursue investment opportunities.

“While the world was shocked by the appearance of Sophia, the first robot in history to be granted citizenship and who can assist humans in complex tasks with her superior artificial intelligence, Business Wire will be the Sophia of the communication industry,” said Ms. Do Xuan Anh, Director of Business Development at Business Wire Vietnam.

“Not only effective in the distribution of business news on a reliable platform, Business Wire will also help businesses save investment costs in media relations and concentrate financial resources into other business activities. This is just the first step in the automation revolution of enterprise communications, a revolution that will eliminate traditional communications agencies, who only play the role of the middleman.”

Business Wire currently offers three basic service packages with different numbers of press releases.

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